Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Cards and Christmas Music

I am so excited because I got my Christmas cards made today so at least I can check one thing off my Christmas "to-do" list! :) I love sending and receiving Christmas cards! We get so many cards from our friends at Christmas time...some of them are friends we have known for years and don't get to see very often, so I love seeing how everyone's kids have grown and reading their letters telling about what has happened in their life since last Christmas. I save each and every card and I put everyone's picture on my refridgerator so that every day I can look at them and be reminded how blessed we are to have such great friends. Here is what my refridgerator looks like right now!

But soon I will be able to change out all these pictures and put up the new ones.

At Wal-Mart today I got the new Josh Groban cd and I have been listening to it all day. Doesn't he have the most beautiful voice?

What are your favorite Christmas cd's? I have a few that I play year after year and I never get tired of them. Probably my very favorite is The Carpenters. I think they have such great harmony and all the arrangements on that album are just so beautiful.

And I also love Celine Dion. I listen to this one every year, too.

Amy Grant always has the BEST Christmas cd's and I think I have three of hers!!

And I also love Charlie Brown and Kenny G!

And I love all the oldies too like Perry Como and Andy Williams. They are just about synonymous with Christmas to me!

Tonight Steve and I had a fun date to Carrabas and then to the Charlotte Bobcats game. They were playing the Boston Celtics and it was really fun. We always have the best time together! I am sad that this long weekend is almost over. Only one more day and then it's back to reality! Sniff, sniff!


  1. I LOVE Christmas cards too, Betsy. I mail almost 300 each year, and we get probably 200 back! (That number is so high b/c John used to be a pastor and every time we moved, our list grew by leaps and bounds--I can't even think about cutting it down!)

    LOVE those cds too...especially Charlie Brown!

    And Carrabbas...yum! John and I went there last week by ourselves. Chicken Bryan is my absolute fave!

  2. I think you and I have the same taste in music. You named a lot of my favorites, as well. I have not heard Josh Groban's Noel, but may have to get that because I love his voice.

    I'm with you about the "one more day and then it's back to reality"! I'm already sad about it, too!

  3. Betsy,
    OHH how I love me some Josh Groban and Celine Dion. I'm gonna have to check it out.

    Hey, what a tease, no sneak peek at the Christmas card your sending out?? :-)

    My hubs goes back to work tomorrow and Dak back to school as well, I'm sad. It's been nice having the house full this weekend.

    Blessings to you this Lord's day,

  4. This long weekend has gone by way too fast. I LOVE Christmas cards. I love sending them and getting them. It is SO much fun! I love all those CDs, too. We have been listening to Martina McBride and it is really good, too. I remember listening to Alvin and the Chipmunks growing up. LOL!

  5. I save all our cards too! And, I LOVE Celine's Christmas cd!

  6. Well you know I love josh and we listen to celine all through christmas too! But i love old ann murrey christmas songs and lonestar and brad paisley have some good christmas cd's but the plain old classics are my favorite! Holy christmas cards that is awesome ! Exciting to cross things off your list eh! I just sent mine in today to be done so tomorrow I'll get them started to send out! Well have a great week!! ttys


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