Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Seventeen Kids and The Same Sky

Have you ever heard of the Duggar family? I know lots of you are from Arkansas and that is where they are from. They have 17 kids and their kids' names all start with J!

There is a new show about this family that Ashley was telling me about on TLC called "Seventeen Kids and Counting!" I want to watch this show. I am really interested in how in the world that mother keeps her household organized and stress-free with so many kids!! Can you imagine what your figure would be like after that many kids???!!! I don't think mine would be too pretty! haha I really admire and respect their family. They seem to have raised very responsible and well-behaved children that honor God. It is just amazing to me! I think it comes on Wednesday night, so I am going to TiVo it.

I also wanted to tell you about a poem Laura had to write for a poetry contest. She is on the staff of her school's literary magazine and she is really a good writer, so her teacher asked her to enter a poetry contest and write a poem about whether or not health care should be available to everyone. I know that would be a hard topic for me to think up a poem about, but hers was so good, I just wanted to brag a little bit and share it with you!!

The Same Sky

I said who are you to say he's poor,
Needy, or something more?

Can she?
Can you?
Can I?
Can he?
by income, race or ethnicity?

What I deserve
He shall earn too
Whether he makes 5 grand
Or $1.82
Both have sown the seeds, shall she reap few?

I know that
I, them, they and we
Whether India, or Lady Liberty
Deserve equal care,
Enslaved or free
For I walk this earth,
But so does she

For no matter what your status might be
Health care is something
That should come free
To live a life clean
And vibrantly

From Generation X
To my ancient history,
From the stars and stripes
To the streets of Rome
Africa's soil
And the Pharoah's home

Health care should not
Be someone's choice
It should be a right,
A stand,
A voice

So let me grasp the hands of others
Sisters, leaders,
Strangers, brothers

From city streets
To suburban doors
Past fields of green
And ocean floors

To combine each and every race
From flawless skin to the freckled face
concluding with a common belief
Christian, Hindu, saint or thief

That we are all on even plane
No matter your face, shape, or name
The time has come to break the chain

So lift your gaze up to the sky
As time is ticking, sailing by
For I know one thing that remains true
The sky's the same for me and you!


  1. Wow!! That was great!!! I'm impressed.

  2. This poem is absolutely beautiful! Way to go Laura...what insight. I know you are so proud Betsy.

    Ginger :)

  3. Laura is a gifted poet!

    RE: The Duggers. I saw their show last night. I can't wait to hear your thoughts - I don't want to spoil your opinion of it with my thoughts.

  4. WOW! Laura is such a tallented writer... all your kids seem so mature and so tallented! You have every right to brag and to be so proud!!!!

    I have not heard of that show, but it sound interesting... I don't even want to think about what my body will look like after bearing one child, I can't imagine what ANYONE would look like after 17! That is impressive, and interesting... I'd like to know her story!

  5. Wow. That poem is incredible! I know you are so proud. She has a real talent for writing.

  6. I nearly LIVED the life the Duggers are! I may have to watch to see the similarities.

    Laura is so talented ... AND CUTE!

  7. I love the Duggars! They come on after Jon and Kate plus 8 on Monday night. They have such wonderful, high morals, values and standards. I can't believe she is going to have another one due in Jan.-#18. Try to catch the repeat of last nights episode because it was very interesting in regards to their courting views.

    What a beautiful poem!

  8. Seriously? That gave me chills! She is so talented...all of your kids are ;). Brag away Betsy, brag away!

  9. 17 children!! I can't imagine! Let us know what you think after you watch the show.

  10. I'm a little behind on reading blogs and had some catching up to do on yours. I love the Fall decorations and wreath you put out. I have mine out but keep forgetting to take pictures. The pots the mums are in are so cute.

    I love it the two of you worked at Baskin Robbins. I love chocolate toffee ice cream. Do they make that? :)

  11. What a beautiful insightful poem what a talent love it. WOW

    Okay the duggers that would be fun to watch to see how they run things heaven knows we could all use some pointers eh! Wish I had TLC!
    Hope all is going good for you! ttys

  12. Oh my word! That poem is AMAZING! I know you are so proud. You really have great kids!

    I want to watch that show too. I'm stressed out at dinner time trying to prepare a meal and entertain two. I can't imagine that times eight or nine. Oh my! And, how is it that neither one of the parents have gray hair? That's just not right. Ha!

  13. Ok- Laura is an awesome poem writer. I wish I could write like that!!!
    I have seen the Duggers show before. Actually, the last season that was on, they were building a HUGE house by themselves and it was getting totally furnished by some company. It turned out really nice!!! If you like the Duggers show, you might also like Kids by the Dozen. It is on TLC at random times, but it is about families with lots of kids. I watch that one too!!!


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