Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Tonight was Laura's Carrousel Pageant.

Laura was a nervous wreck, but she did such a great job! The pageant has three parts. First of all is an interview session/afternoon tea with the judges. You are supposed to dress in business attire and you are asked a series of questions before the pageant. This part is also the first part of the pageant itself. You walk onstage in your business attire and introduce yourself then tell where you are planning on attending college next year and what you are going to major in.

Next comes a skit where you are to list all of your extra-curricular activities and academic acheivements in some kind of creative format. The girls write the skits themselves and Laura chose to play Hermione from Harry Potter. She acted like she was trying to convince Dumbledore to let Laura Maddox into Hogwarts based on her acheivements and activities. It was really cute. I was so nervous for her but she did really well with her British accent and her lines!

Finally, there is the evening wear part. Laura's dress looked great on her. She is so tiny. She looked like a little doll up there! :)

We had almost a whole row of family and friends there to cheer her on. I am proud of her for being chosen to be in the pageant and actually doing it! It was way out her comfort zone having to perform on stage. But she did it!! Way to go, Laura! :)


  1. She looks so pretty!! I'm glad she had fun!

  2. Laura looks so pretty! I love her stress.

    I read an earlier post and I can't believe those gas lines!! That is craziness. We have talked about the economy every time Bryan and I have sat down to dinner this week.

  3. She is absolutely beautiful Betsy and I know you are PROUD! It took a lot of courage to do that...I am sure she did fabulously!

  4. WOW! That's impressive - I don't think I could ever do that, especially at her age!!

    She looks beautiful - I am sure she did a wonderful job at all three parts!!!!

  5. Yay Laura!! She looks so pretty. I know you all are so proud of her!

  6. She is so cute. I bet you were so nervous FOR her! I love her dress...

  7. Oh - she's so cute - I bet she did so great!

  8. I am so proud of Laura. She's such a bright, gifted young woman. God has some very special plans for her and I'm looking forward to seeing her reach some of her potential. This was a great experience for her. In the process, all the family was blessed.


  9. Way to go, Laura! You look beautiful and I know your family is so proud of you! Gorgeous dress!


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