Friday, September 26, 2008

Surprise Visit

Well, Ashley decided to come home for just the afternoon since her boyfriend, John had planned a trip home today. So we decided to go out to dinner tonight together. Several of Mark's buddies are home this weekend, too. His whole group of friends have been regulars at Wing Stop for years, so they had to get together tonight and make a Wing Stop run, so he missed dinner with us. By the way, Mark picked Laura and Lindy up from school today and took them with him to the mall so they could be his personal shoppers. He needed some clothes for Freshman Council and he knew right where to turn! He is so lucky to have them.

Anyway...we went to Carraba's since that's where my girls wanted to go (even though Steve and I went there last weekend.) We had a really fun night together.

My girls...

Here I am after a long, rainy day at school. It is casual Friday so I am wearing my school t-shirt and jeans. I just went on to dinner like that.

We are anxious to watch the debate tonight. I really want to hear Obama and McCain stand together and explain their views and plans for our country. Wow...whoever becomes president is going to have a huge financial mess on their hands!

It has been pouring down rain all day today. Tomorrow Steve and I are scheduled to work on a church project where we are cleaning and "beautifying" a little suburb of Charlotte called Matthews. It is going forward, rain or shine. I think it's going to be rain. So it is not going to be as much fun working in the rain!! I wanted to do some yard work this weekend, but it's not looking like that is going to work out.

We are STILL without gas here! Hopefully that will be over as of this weekend. It's been crazy! One of the little girls in my class told me while she and her mom were at the doctor's office yesterday, someone siphoned all the gas out of their gas tank!! Can you believe that??!! Sad!


  1. Betsy, I'm so glad your kiddos got to be home. What fun it must be to have ya'll together.

    You look so cute ~~ YAY for casual Fridays!!

    Have a Blessed weekend, Dawn

  2. I love the sound of your posts when your kids are home and doing stuff with ya'll. They bring you so much joy!

    Hope you have a sunny day tomorrow.

  3. Oh I used to love me some Wing Stop, but the one near where we used to live went out of business. I always got the Lemon Pepper wings. Yummy! Mark is really fortunate to have some great fashion consultants!

    I am so glad that all your family was back together again this weekend and it looks like ya'll had a wonderful time. You can never go wrong with Carabbas! I always have to do a double-take at your pictures to see which one is one of your daughters and which one is you! What a precious family!

  4. You have such a beautiful family, Betsy! How great to have them all back together.

    We still do not have gas either. It's crazy. My daughter's soccer game was called off this morning because of the gas situation. Weird times, huh?

  5. Have a great weekend with your kids! You guys are such a cute family!!! Hopefully your gas shortage will end soon. We haven't had any problems here. Actually, gas is going down in price, so that has been nice.

  6. I am so glad you had all of your kiddos home this weekend ;)!

    You and Steve look so cute!!!

    I cannot believe that about the gas...scary what people will do!


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