Saturday, September 20, 2008


Over the past few weeks, as I have been reading different blogs, I have come across some really good stuff that I thought I would share with you today. I hope if you have time you will take a minute to click on these links!

Empty Nest

The first link really hit home to me since I will be an empty nester soon. Even though it might seem to be a long way away off for you, believe me, it will be here sooner than you think! This link gave me some good advice and it is something you could keep in the back of your mind for the future!

(By the way...this is SO going to be Steve in about a year! haha)


Steve and I have been talking to several couples lately who are really struggling in their marriages. Marriage is just hard work!! It can be difficult sometimes. But it is so worth it to hang in there and not give up. This post is about marriage and making it work.

Sophia is one of my favorite bloggers. She has adopted three of her grandchildren as her own. She is such a great mom to them. Here are some of the sweet things she does for them. I loved them all!

Five things that I love doing for the babes:

I put their clothes in the dryer to warm them up for three minutes before I wake them up. (They jump up and make their beds quickly so that they can put warm clothes on!)

I sing to them. every word. Instead of speaking. "It's time to get up! Did you sleep well!? Hurry, hurry! Get the hairbrush! How do you want your hair today? What do you want for breakfast?!" Quayd says, "Not again!" The girls sing back, "Muffinnnnnnsssssssss!!"

Making zip-lock bags of treats for them when we go someplace... like on a hike or a road trip that's more than fifteen minutes. Liza helped me with their treat bags for their hike to the Wind Caves. M&Ms and Red Vines cut up bitesize. Goldfish and Pretzels. Mixed Nuts. Guess which one came home empty!?

Greeting them after school at the door with a "Hellllooooo! I missed you!!! Did you have a great day!?!?" The other day, I was on the phone when Gracie came in, so I just gave her a hug and kept talking. When I hung up a few minutes later, she said, "Um. Mom. Did you forget something? I'm home?! Where's my helloooooooo!" Oops.

Taking their photos when they look extra cute because it reminds them that they are extra special!

PS-Ashley called tonight and she was nominated for Homecoming Queen at USC!!


  1. What a great post with some extra special links!

    I will definitely go and check out Sophia's blog. She sounds like she has a heart of gold!

    Congratulations Ashley! You and Steve have done a fabulous job with your children!!!

  2. I really liked this post, Betsy. I know what you mean about how quickly the Empty Nest comes. I had people tell me "you've got a ways to go", but it happened so so fast. (Even though Tyler technically still lives with us, we don't see much of him unless he's asleep or getting ready to leave again. ha!)

  3. I love the "ATM" cartoon! Too funny! You are right that marriage is just hard work and so many people give up too easily. Thanks for pointing us to some great blogs! I have already checked them out and will continue to keep an eye on them!


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