Saturday, September 27, 2008

Matthews Matters

We woke up to pouring down rain this morning, so I wasn't too excited about working at Matthews Matters. I really thought the turnout would be way down because who wants to work outside in the rain??!! But when we got to church this morning there was a huge crowd of people there!

We fanned out all over town and started planting trees and bushes, putting out pine straw, clipping hedges, spreading mulch, and doing all kinds of landscaping. We all wore green t-shirts so green t-shirts were everywhere! Our Sunday School class worked together on planting trees and bushes and spreading pine straw. Here are a few of us.

It stopped raining, but you have never seen so much red mud. We were COVERED in mud. Here are my gloves...

We had to put plastic bags on our feet just to get in the car so we wouldn't ruin the floor!

We really had a fun time together despite the mud and rain. After working all morning, we all went to lunch at Chipotle Grill. On the way there, this is the line I saw waiting for gas!

Lots of stations still don't have gas, so the ones that do have really long lines.

Mark and Steve had a ping pong tournament going here this afternoon. We have a ping pong table in our garage and it doesn't get much use anymore. So when Mark comes home, Steve always wants to play! Here is Mark just getting warmed up...

Then he started getting serious and had to take off his shirt and just go with his t-shirt...

Lots of trash talking takes place during these tournaments. ;)

Tonight Lindy had to work and Laura is out with friends, so we are just hanging out watching the Georgia v. Alabama football game. What a blowout! I got Baby Mama to watch tonight, but I am too tired. I'll have to save it for tomorrow.

Have a good night! :)


  1. I thought of you when I watched World News last night and they were talking about gas shortages in your city. Is your tank full???

    I rented Baby Mama last week, but didn't finish it. I wanted to, but the first part was SO slow. I never got to a really funny part, so let me know if you like it and if I need to re-rent it.

  2. I'm glad your day turned out so well, since the weather didn't cooperate.

    That gas deal is CRAZY!!!

  3. I want to see Baby Mama SOOOOO bad. I think it looks hilarious. Glad you got to spend time with Mark. Glad you had a good turnout despite the rain. Lots of people with servant's hearts. I love that!

  4. Wow! You had a busy day and exhausting day. The long gas lines are crazy! I hope you get to watch Baby Mama today, I heard that is a great movie, I can't wait to watch it.

  5. WOW! That's great that so many people showed up to work even though it was raining! Glad you had a good time and that y'all got a lot done - that's awesome!

    I can't believe ther is SUCH a gas shortage there! Our stations mostly all only have low grade, and they run out every few days, but the lines have died down pretty much because there is always a station or two that has some gas!

  6. What a great day! Being a volunteer coordinator, it always means so much when people come to help despite the weather ;)!

    I know you were happy to have Mark home for the weekend ;)! It is amazing how just the little things feel better when their home!!!


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