Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Good News and A Good Husband!

We have had lots going on here lately. First of all, Laura tried out for the Carrousel Pageant at school and she made it! It is scholarship pageant and she feels very honored to be a part of it! Now she is getting nervous about having to walk in high heels on stage and she also has to do a skit about all her activities and accomplishments. I know she will do well, though. Ashley was in it when she was a senior and I was a nervous wreck for her! Lindy didn't want to do it this year. She doesn't like to get up in front of people. At least I will only have to be nervous for one daughter instead of two! :)

Laura and Lindy are also getting really excited because they are going on school trip to Washington, D.C. for the inauguration! I told them that whoever wins, this will be a historical event, so they will always be able to remember that they were there and watched history in the making!

And, do you know what a great husband I have? He was out running an errand for Laura tonight and I know he really didn't want to be. It was raining and he was tired, I'm sure, and just ready to be home. But as I was getting ready for school tomorrow, I suddenly realized I was out of gum!! That is enough to make me go into withdrawal symptoms. I don't know if I could make it through the whole day tomorrow with no gum. (Not to mention that the coke machine was broken today at school and I had to bum a diet Pepsi off a friend...and I HATE diet or Pepsi! I was desperate!)

So I called Steve on his cell and left a message in my sweetest voice asking if he would PLEEEAASSE get me some gum on the way home??? And that was all it took. He showed up with two packs of my favorite Extra peppermint! THAT is a sweet husband! I did a good job when I picked him! :)


  1. Never a dull moment at the Maddox house. Good luck to Laura at the pageant - your girls are so cute. And you just can't beat a husband who will do the silly things we ask of them!

  2. Steve and Web should write a book for all other husbands out there ;)! He is so sweet!

    And your daughters...
    I love that they are getting to experience so many wonderful things!

  3. That is a sweet husband! I'm thankful I have one too :)

    I am so with you on the diet and the pepsi thing...yuck!

  4. How cool to get to go to the inauguration. That will for sure be something they will remember their whole lives.

  5. Yes, you DID do a great job when you picked him! Extra Peppermint is my favorite kind, too!

    Congratulations to Laura! I know she'll do fine in the pageant. (And so will you, Mom!)


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