Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Six Random Things Tag

So...Meagan tagged me today to post six random things about myself. So I am gladly playing along since I am so busy with back to school stuff, that is just about all I have to blog about right now!!

Ok, here they are:

1-I am a magazine freak! I LOVE reading magazines and sometimes I just go in Barnes and Noble and pick up a stack and then sit down with my hazelnut latte and read through them all! My favorites are Real Simple and People!

2-I love styrofoam cups with lids and crushed ice! Mmmmm....they keep drinks so nice and cold! I wish I could find some styrofoam cups with lids somewhere, but I haven't had any luck with that! The best thing to put in these cups is COKE!!

3-When I sleep, I barely move. When Steve is out of town, all I have to do is slip out of bed and smooth the covers up, put the pillows back on and I'm done making the bed! When he is here, however, the sheets and blankets are in a wad because he tosses and turns like crazy!

4-I have a VERY keen sense of smell. If something doesn't smell good, it really bothers me. So I love perfume and candles and scented soap and mouthwash and gum and all that smell good stuff!!

5-I am directionally challenged. Something is totally wrong with my brain when it comes to figuring out which way is which! I need a GPS system attached to me, seriously! I get lost all the time! :)

6-For some reason, people I don't know tell me their life stories! I can think of so many times I am just out in public somewhere and before I know it, the person next to me is just chatting away about anything and everything and telling me all kinds of personal history and information! Steve can't even believe it! I am always amazed at how quickly some people will open up. But I love talking to people, so I really don't mind!

Well, that's it for me! I tag anyone who would like to play! Hope you are having a great week!


  1. I am directionally challenged, too, Betsy. You are not alone. I guess if we ever go anywhere together, we better have a GPS!

  2. I enjoyed reading this and learning more about you.

    I always have to have a candle burning - a sweet smell is calming to me!

  3. AAHH yes a fellow magazine reader!! I love them to and have several subscriptions. Give me a good magazine and a GREAT cup of joe and I'm set for an afternoon!!

    Love candles and somebody get me a map!! Wow we are definetly on the same wave link :) Have a GREAT Wednesday, Dawn

  4. I'm with you on the first two. Any kind of magazine, I'll read it! I get a styrofoam cup every morning. If a convience store doesn't have styrofoam, I'll get a bottle. I wonder if there's some wonderful chemical that makes the drink taste better?? Though I'm a Dr Pepper girl! I just wish they were better for the environment! Hope the start of school is going good for you!! Your room looked so cute!

  5. A. It was like reading my own post. I couldn't believe it. I hardly move at night either and have to straighten the sheets constantly. And my husband and kids are ragging on me all the time for getting lost. One day I picked my husband up at his job and we were headed out to eat and he was giving me directions, he said "Ok, turn left here", and I turned right. What's up with that? Talk about challenged. I haven't lived that one down yet!

    B. If you get a chance, please pop over at my place and read. I have been so impressed with your parenting...Maybe you can offer a little help.


    I am not surprised people open up to you b/c you are so kind and make everyone feel comfortable ;)!

  7. I LOVE those cups too! We get them at school with "the good ice" and sweet tea for teachers only! yay! I have one perminently attached to my hand pretty much between the hours of 9 and 2! lol.

    I loved your random things!

  8. One of my favorite magazines is Real Simple, also. I looked for one at Super WalMart last Thursday night and they didn't have one-- I was sooo disappointed.

    I also barely move when I sleep. I lie pretty much in one little spot and can roll out like you and smooth the covers up.

    I enjoyed reading this and learning more about you!

  9. You and I are bound to run into one another at Barnes and Noble sometime. I love to go over there and get a coffee and read magazines.

    Enjoy your week!

  10. Ok, seriously. I can totally identify with every single thing on your list. Totally with you on the styrofoam/crushed ice, smell-good things, life-story people...all of it!

    I hope your crazy week is a great one!


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