Saturday, August 9, 2008

Home Away From Home

Well, we've got one down and one to go now. Today we moved Ashley to Columbia into the Chi-O house.

It really is getting so easy with her now. Just throw everything in the car, drive to Columbia, unload, and put the room together! (She did actually forget one little thing, though....ALL HER HANGING CLOTHES!! We will have to take them to her maybe tomorrow!)

We had a fun day helping her today. Laura and Lindy rode down with her and Steve and I followed in the Expedition which was packed to the BRIM! We loaded everything inside and our only dilemma was figuring out which way to move the beds to make the room seem the most spacious.

After we got it all unloaded, we headed to one of the best little hole-in-the-wall places to eat, Groucho's, and got some yummy sandwiches for lunch!

Next we stopped by Target and loaded up on some things we needed. This is the back of our car after that trip!

Then it was back to the dorm to start setting up the room. With Laura and Lindy, our little decorators, it didn't take long! We didn't get the room totally finished, but we got her off to a good start! Her room is going to be really cute when it's all finished.

Ashley is going to be soooo busy over the next month. She has tons of sorority responsibilities and she is starting her student teaching. (She's an elementary education major.) I won't get to see her for about a month at least!

Anyway...when we got back to Charlotte, we hit La Unica and now it's pajama time. It's been a long and busy day, so I'm ready to watch some Olympics and read my book! Have a great night! :)

PS--Two words....MICHAEL PHELPS!!!! Totally amazing!!!


  1. Now that's a busy day... but, y'all sure made a lot of fun out of what tends to be a stressful day. I hope you'll post pictures of Ashley's finished room.

  2. So fun to be going back to college - what a fun time for her! That Sorority house is neat - looks like the ones at U of A.
    Do ya'll live close to Columbia?

  3. That looks like a lot of hard work! I can't wait to see the finished product! You have had a busy weekend with the cookout last night and the moving all day today! I hope you get a rest a little tomorrow!!!

  4. Whew!! I'm always so tired after reading all the things that keep you busy with four kids. I have one and am overwhelmed sometimes. You do a GREAT job!!! You love your kids well dear one!!!!!!!

    Hopefully today you can get some rest. What do you think about "The Shack" so far? Can't wait to hear your review.

    Have a Blessed Lord's day,

  5. What fun times! I know that you must have mixed emotions about taking Ashley to school, but I am glad that she is not that far away. That sorority house looks like it would really be neat! I bet she will have the cutest room of all the girls when it is all finished!

    Hope you get some rest today!

    P.S. Michael Phelps was awesome! Can't wait for # 8 Gold Medal!

  6. ooooo the sorority life.....always busy!!!!!!! How blessed she is to have the whole family help her!!!!!! so cute and i love love love her haircut!!!!!!!! just darling!

  7. You girls are just the cutest things EVER! That looks like so much fun. I always loved that time of year...getting the dorm room all decorated.

  8. Ashley's room looks ready! Her sorority house is beautiful. Yall look like you could be sisters -

  9. I remember those busy sorority days ;)! She will cherish these memories for years and years to come!!!

    I can't wait to see the finished product! You have definitely been working hard on remodeling projects lately!

  10. What fun times!!! I love how everyone was involved. The moving looked a little overwhelming to me. Her bedding looks so pretty!!

    Would you believe I knew nothing about Michael Phelps (except the cell phone commercial) until this Saturday. I loved watching the swimming!!

  11. What a cute comforter she has! And what would moving day be without a Target run?

    Your family is beautiful!


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