Thursday, August 14, 2008

Birthday Fun & Bump Ups

Laura and Lindy have been doing lots of birthday celebrating this week (even though their real birthday isn't until August 24th.) Their birthday is 3 weeks after their cousin Brianna's, so they always celebrate together. Brianna is my brother Blake's daughter and she is one sweetheart!! She is vice president of her senior class and she cheerleads. She is so smart and so caring. Laura and Lindy love spending time with her.

So, for their birthdays, they had lunch together at PF Changs. Here are some pictures of their fun!

Look how sweet! This is Laura, Lindy, and Brianna back in the day!

They always have a good time.

Then, today, my parents took Laura and Lindy to lunch at 131 Main, a really cool restaurant here in Charlotte. After lunch, they were treated to an ice cream sundae to celebrate!

My parents gave them spending money (what teenage girl doesn't love that??). And my mom also gave them a beautiful box with lots of files full of information she has been collecting on different colleges and options after graduation. She made one for Laura, Lindy, and Brianna since they are all beginning their senior year. It was a very thoughtful gift and Laura and Lindy really appreciated it. My parents also wrote them a very sweet and touching letter telling them how loved they are and how they will be praying for them as they start to make lots of big decisions this year.

Right after Laura and Lindy left the restaurant, Lindy was headed over to fill out some paperwork for her new job (she got the job as Justice--the little girl's boutique I was telling you about!) As she was backing out, she bumped another car in the parking lot. It barely made a tiny scratch on the lady's bumper, but Lindy was so upset! She just melted down into a puddle of tears when I got there.

I settled all the insurance information and traded phone numbers with the lady. Then Lindy got into my car and just sat in the air conditioning and tried to get herself together so her eyes wouldn't be all red and puffy when she went to her new job. It was very stressful.

I finished fixing up my classroom! Here are a few pictures.

We have Mark all packed up and ready to go. We are leaving at 8:30 tomorrow. I will tell you all about it when we get back!!


  1. Your girls are so cute and I bet they are as sweet as they are pretty!

    Glad to see you got your new room all ready to go...isn't that the best feeling??

    If only the room would stay all year as clean and organized as the first week of school!! har

  2. Your girls are so pretty! You all are doing such fun things all the time!! I love PF changs we went once in salt lake so good!!
    Your classroom looks awesome and so clean and fresh!! Still wish you could be my son's teacher lucky kids you'll have!! ttys

  3. I'm new to your blog and I'm glad I've found it!!!

    What a BEAUTIFUL family you have!!

    I will be back...that's for sure.



  4. Your room looks great! Wow, you've done so much in a week!!

    I hope all goes well with moving Mark to school.

  5. Your classroom looks great and it sounds like your girls are having a great time celebrating their b-days.

  6. Your classroom looks great! So much fun! I love checking out other people's room ideas! I'm such an idea stealer!! Ha, ha! : )

  7. Your room looks great!
    Best of luck with all the new changes in your life!

  8. Your room looks great! I am glad Lindy just had a little fender bender and no one was hurt.

    Have a nice weekend!

  9. How thoughtful of your parents. That is just so nice.

    Poor Lindy... that is traumatic at that age. Sounds like you helped her get through it just fine.

    Your room is SO cute. I always loved walking into a new classroom and meeting my new teacher on the first day of school. I've had you on my heart this week... hope it goes well for you when your kids arrive!

  10. Sounds like yall have been busy! Your room looks wonderful. And your girls are so beautiful!

    I hope today goes/went well!

  11. I swear girl, you are so busy!!!

    The girls look like they are enjoying their week long birthday bash - that's how I like to celebrate birthdays... not just the "birthday" but the whole "birthday week!"

    Your classroom looks great - that was A LOT Of work! You elementary teachers always have more "decorating" to do I think that middle school teachers... I just hang a couple maps, do a couple bullitin boards, and call it a day! lol!

  12. Your classroom looks terrific, especially after knowing what you went through ie: the "wrong" classroom!

    PS: Love your blog!

  13. How beautiful your girls are. It looks like they are having a great birthday 2 weeks ~~ that is sooooooo GREAT!!

    Your room is so cute and you look ready to go ~~ just so cute you are!! I hope all goes really well with getting Mark into his new surroundings. Can't wait to hear about it all!! Have a GREAT weekend,

  14. How sweet! That's wonderful that your girls have such a great friend that is also family!

    Your classroom looks organized and cute! I bet you're the teacher all the parents want their kidlets to have!

  15. I love seeing pictures of your girls. How fun they have been able to grow up with and be friends with their cousin. I LOVE your classroom, especially the monkey bulletin board. Precious!

  16. Ditto on what Meag said! I thought I was busy BUT you have us all beat ;)!

    I love that Laura & Lindy have a cousin that they are close to! I grew up with all of my cousins and loved every moment of it ;)!

    Your classroom looks fantastic, but I knew you would have a brilliant room ;)!


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