Friday, August 8, 2008


We have the best neighbors. We have been friends with them since we moved to this neighborhood in 2000. I know I've told you about them before. Next door are Steve and Carol and their two boys Bobby and Michael. Michael and Mark are best friends and are really like brothers. (Mark needs a brother, poor thing, with all these sisters!!)

And then two doors down are Skip and Candy and their two girls, Kelsey and Melissa.

Melissa is like a sister to Laura and Lindy. And Candy teaches with me and was Laura and Lindy's 3rd grade teacher!

We vacation together every year to the beach and mountains, we celebrate birthdays and graduations, we have our annual "Chili and Cheer" get together every Christmas. We come over to each other's houses in our pajamas and we borrow things we need. If anything needs to be moved or fixed, we always have someone to call. We pet sit and house sit for each other. We're basically like one big family.

Tonight we had a little cookout at my house before all the older kids go back to college. Unfortunately, Bobby was sick so he couldn't come. It was such a nice day today, though! The temperature has gone way down and the humidity is low. So, we just cooked hamburgers and made homemade ice cream and sat on the porch all night visiting.
Here are some pictures of our fun time together.

Ashley and Laura...(Ashley got her hair cut yesterday!)

All my children... :)

Some of the goodies

Steve is going all gourmet on me. I think he's watched one too many cooking shows. (just kidding..he NEVER watches cooking shows. I don't know where he got this idea!) Now he's putting olive oil on the buns before toasting them on the grill!?

Carol and Candy

Mark and Kelsey

Lindy, Melissa, Kelsey, and Laura

After dinner, we all went up to our bonus room to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in China! Here is everybody on the couch watching...

I love the Olympics. It is inspiring! I love learning about the culture of another country. I love how it brings the world together. I love pulling for the USA!!!! Hearing the stories of the athletes always makes me feel so connected to them. It makes it so much fun to cheer for them or cry for them after hearing how hard they've worked to get where they are.

I have fun watching all the events, but my favorites are swimming and gymnastics. I am looking forward to watching little Shawn Johnson in gymnastics!

She is tiny...only 4'9"! But she is amazing!

Go USA!!!!!!!


  1. We used to have big get-togethers like that when I was a kid in California... I miss that. You and I sound a lot alike about our view on the Olympics. I love the athlete stories. I'm rootin' for 41 y/o Dara Torres!

  2. We have several good friends from church that live in our neighborhood. They aren't right next door, but we still do some of the same things! It is so much fun!

    I love Ashley's hair...very cute! And, what a great bonus room to hang out in. I really want to have a big sectional sofa one day so lots of people can hang out and have fun!

    Glad you had a great Friday and I hope you enjoy your Saturday!

  3. Ashley's hair looks great!

    You have such great neighbors - how fun!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. We moved into our sub-division 4 years ago and this is the first time we ever have really lived in an actual sub, and love it. Our neighbor's are fun and quirky just like us. It is so great and interesting to see how God puts people together by ordering our steps, Oh yes He does :)

    The food looks great, Ashley's hair ~~ adorable and all of you in front of the TV watching the Olympics ~~ priceless !!! I truly love the Olympics and can't wait to hear all the stories and see all the athletes as the games unfold. Have a GREAT weekend, Dawn

  5. How much fun is that! I think that the relationship you have with your neighbors is such a blessing ;)!



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