Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What Is My Problem?

This morning, Steve's alarm clock went off around 7:15 and woke me up, so I decided to go out early for a walk. It really was so nice. It wasn't hot yet and it was just a good way to start the day. I think I'm going to try it more often!

When I got home, I made some coffee and started doing some little household chores, when the doorbell rang. It was my assistant from school, Toni!! She had brought her sweet little dog over. I've shown him to you before, but isn't he adorable??

He's grown a little since I saw him last, but not TOO much. She stayed about an hour and we got all caught up.

Laura and Lindy and I hit Panera for lunch since we're all addicted to that place! :) Steve thinks it's too girly for him, but I convinced him to go there with me last week and he really liked it. I told him he would!

When I got back I started doing some little projects I've been meaning to do, one of which was cleaning out my purse. I've come to realize I have a serious problem. Being a teacher, I get tons of gift cards, which I LOVE!! But for some reason, I lose track of them in my purse and forget I have them!! Would you LOOK at all the cards I found today??? Seriously!!

I've got:
$25 to Nordstrom
$25 to Pier One
$25 to Harris Teeter (our grocery store)
$10 to Pizza Hut
$10 to Target
$20 to Joseph Beth Bookstore!

That's not even including these:

These are all my Starbucks gift cards. I'm not sure what they add up to???

Plus, I have three Visa type cards with balances still left on them but I'm not sure how much? And a Michael's gift card with $15 still left on it!!

Looks like I need to go on a shopping spree here very soon!!!

Plus...I was just wondering what you thought about this: I really like music on someone's blog because to me it kind of tells you a little more about their personality. But, sometimes I get so distracted listening to it, that I have a hard time reading their blog. I have a playlist on my blog, but I decided to turn it off so you can just listen if you want to. What do you think about music? Do you like it or is it distracting? I have a little poll at the top of the page. Vote what you think!


  1. I wish I had all those gift cards to spend!!! Have fun shopping!!!

  2. Enjoy all your "new" gift cards! They are so much fun to save and spend on something you really want. I love finding one in the bottom of my purse.

    Enjoy your week!

  3. You do not have a problem! You are just simply blessed ;)!

    That little dog is absolutely PRECIOUS!!!! Take some time and enjoy a little shopping ;)!

    The music is nice! My computer is on MUTE so I can take it off when I am in the mood to jam out!

  4. Love the sheltie! Adorable! I wish I could have treasures like that in the bottom of my purse. How WONDERFUL! I love when I find something I forgot about. It's like a present all over again. About the music...I agree, I love hearing everyone's choice of music, but I have to admit I get SO distracted that I usually have to turn it off. I find myself listening to the music and not concentrating on what I'm reading. I guess it's just my short attention span. :)

  5. WOW!! You had a gold mine in there! All I have in my purse is a bunch of debit card receipts and Splenda packets!

    Enjoy shopping!

  6. Betsy,

    I know what you mean about the gift card thing. I am a teacher as well and get lots of them. I think they are the best gift, as I'm sure you will agree. Last year my class went in together and got us one huge Visa giftcard, which is the most AWESOME gift because it beats having a million little cards to keep up with and you can use it ANYWHERE.

    I love your music. In fact I love it so much I had to track down the "God made you" song. I had never heard that one before and really liked it.

    Have fun spending all your new found money!

    Melissa E.

  7. I love the music, but took mine off when my blog was background was on the fritz... but it wasn't the playlists problem. My son got on to me for having music... he said people HATE it. I loved it, that's why I added it. Must be the personality of the person.

  8. Wow Betsy! You need to go shopping pronto! Enjoy! (And let us know what you get!)

  9. I wish I had all those gift cards but what an awesome teacher it shows that you are!! Have a fun shopping spree how fun!! Music you know I love it! My sound is always down anyway unless I want to listen to somebodies music while I'm doing something else so that doesn't bother me! I love music! Well have a great shopping trip!

  10. Absolutely crazy you have that many gift cards!!! What fun it is going to be to spend them!! Yesterday, I just finished using one up Bryan's mom got me for Christmas! I LOVE gift cards!!

    p.s. Sometimes I listen to the music. Other times I just turn my speakers down.

  11. aaah. the age old music on the blog question. (I linked here from chatting at the sky...her sister posed this same question, and much to my absolute chagrin, ultimately turned her music off - although you can hit 'play.' *boo hoo* I actually downloaded a bunch of songs I had heard on blogs (like emily's and the nester's) and put them on my zune under 'bloggie tunes.' oh how I miss them. But I do understand the distraction, thing. I have to turn mine off just to read my own posts - and hello, I wrote them. So, go figure.

    OK, I had to post a comment, though, b/c I am a Panera soulmate. (and my husband thinks it's girly, too. but he still indulges me). I have a SERIOUS addiction to Icee Mochas no whip. And, to me, it's St. Louis Bread Co., cuz, ya know, they started local and all.

    Loved your post --- have twins, too. Like I said. Felt the connection =)

  12. WOW have fun shopping with those!! The generosity of others is great ~~ it's also a testament of how much they appreciate you as a teacher ~~ just GREAT!!

    I just recently added music to my blog, but it can be distracting, but I just mute when I can't concentrate, so I think I still like it on a site.

  13. How fun finding all your gift cards, it's better than finding a McDonalds French Fry like I found in my purse last week.

    I love Panera as well. However, it is hard for me to decide what to eat for lunch, because I am usually too busy drooling over the bakery goods. HA!

    As far as the music. I personally love it. If I find myself getting distracted I turn the volume down on my computer.

  14. Betsy,

    I am trying to reach you but have been unsuccessful through email. Would you please contact me ASAP? You can reach me through my profile.


  15. I replied via email. Let me know if you did/did not receive it.


  16. Whoa! That is a lot of gift cards! I love Panera, too. I wish we had one here, I have to go home to my parents' to have it.

  17. Girl, you need to go shopping! And FAST!

  18. Honestly, I don't love the music on people's blogs...it's just too distracting.

    Have fun spending your gift cards. I'm envious of a few of them!

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