Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Washinton DC-Day 1

We are here!

We left this morning around 7:30 and got to Washington around 3:00. The trip was so nice and the weather has been great today. I don't have much time tonight, but here are just a few pictures from this afternoon.

First we visited the Air and Space Museum, then we went to the Museum of Natural History. We got to see the Hope Diamond!

Ashley and me just being silly!

Unfortunately, you can't see it very well, but there are HUGE dinosaur bones behind them in this picture!!

After the museums, we went to dinner at a little place called Potbelly's. Really cute and good prices for sandwiches and salads, etc. We ate outside since it was such a beautiful night!

Next we stopped by the White House.

Then we walked through the National Mall and saw the Washington Monument. They are setting up tons of booths and exhibits. Something is definitely going on the next few days. I can't wait to see what they are all for!

We didn't have a whole lot of time today, but I thought we got to see quite a bit! Time for bed so we can get up early & have a fun day tomorrow!


  1. Looks like you guys are having a great time! Looking forward to more pics.

  2. WOW it looks like you are having a GREAT time!! It'll be great seeing DC through your eyes!!
    Have a GREAT time ~~ Dawn

  3. You guys truly are the ALL AMERICAN FAMILY!!!

    Have a great time and keep the wonderful pics coming ;).

  4. How fun! DC at the 4th! Have a great time.

  5. What a fun family trip!!!
    I've eaten at potbellys' in TX. It's good!
    Ya'll are such an All american family! So cute!

  6. How funny! The last time we were in D.C. we ate at Pot Belly's too!

    What a great family 4th of July trip! Have a great time!

  7. The museum of natural history is one of my favorites! Especially the diamond exhibit!!
    Love all the pics! Keep having fun!

  8. SO FUN! The pics are great and you have such a beautiful family!

  9. WOW! I am impressed with how much y'all got done in one day! What a great trip! Keep the pictures and updates coming!!


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