Thursday, July 3, 2008

Washington DC-Day 2

We had another really nice day today! We couldn't have asked for better weather, although I forgot to wear sunscreen today and I am as red as a beet on my chest and shoulders!! Oops!

We spent most of the morning just walking and touring. We wanted to go into the Capitol, but they didn't have any more tours available today. Needless to say, Washington is very crowded and busy for the 4th of July! We also hoped to see the National Archives, but the line was way too long. But we were able to watch some of the rehearsals for the concert outside the Capitol tomorrow. I can't wait until tomorrow. I think it's going to be so fun with all concerts, etc!!

Anyway, around 12:30, we toured the Holocaust Museum which was completely heartbreaking and intense. I just really can't believe such a tragedy happened. It was very moving and so sad. This is a wall of pictures of children and families that were killed in the Holocaust.

The faces in these pictures are haunting. The families are so sweet and the children so beautiful that you just can't imagine how so much evil could exist toward any group of people.

After the Holocaust Museum, we ate lunch and then came back to the hotel for a little nap. We did so much walking this morning that our legs were about to fall off!! haha...I am not in shape obviously!

Late this afternoon we went back out after it had cooled off a little bit to visit all the monuments. First we went to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt park. Here are some of the pictures from that.

This is a statue of the bread lines during the Depression.

It's hard to tell, but the Jefferson Memorial is in the background.

Then we visited the Viet Nam Memorial Wall.

Then we went to the Lincoln Memorial.

After that, we headed to the World War II Memorial. I had never been to that one. Oh my goodness, it was absolutely beautiful!! I think it was especially peaceful and reverant at night. The fountains were lit up and everything was quiet and respectful. It is definitely my favorite monument in Washington!! Here are a few pictures!

We have had a really fun and busy day. I am excited for tomorrow! We are getting up early and heading out. I will tell you all about it tomorrow night! I hope you all have a WONDERFUL July 4th!!


  1. Thanks for the "tour" Betsy. Looks like you're having so much fun.

  2. wow that is awesome I love history I want to go to washington someday! I would love the holocaust mus being in Germany and being around where it happened it completely overwhelming and hallowed.
    But great pictures. Looks like you guys had a busy long good day!
    Well happy fourth of july have a faboulous fun day!! ttys

  3. Your posts on Washington DC just make me want to go back. We will when the kids are older.

    My husband and I went for a week in 2001 and loved it. But, with so much walking, we needed a vacation to recover from our vacation.

  4. You got some amazing photographs, Betsy. What a great trip to take with your kids, especially on the 4th!

  5. Your pictures are absolutely AMAZING!!! I can't imagine visiting the Holocaust heartbreaking...


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