Sunday, July 13, 2008

Split Personality

I was thinking recently that I think I have a split personality sometimes! I love one thing on the one hand, and I love something totally opposite just as much on the other hand. For example:

I love summers with nothing to do!

But, I also love having a rewarding and challenging job.

I love rainy days...especially with a good book or a nap or sitting on my porch.

But, I also love sunny days and hanging out outside in the warm air and beauty.

My favorite is salty snacks.

But, I also love anything chocolate!

Having a clean house is so worth the work...clean sheets, clean bathrooms, no dust, put away laundry...LOVE IT!

But, having a lazy Saturday is the best!

I love to cook.

But I really love going out to dinner!

I heart country music!

But I also really enjoy smooth jazz, oldies, Christian music, and rock and roll.

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do.

But there's no place like home.

Spending time with friends is so much fun!

But I love spending time alone, too!

Who doesn't love buying new clothes?? I know I do!

But, it feels good to save money, too!

I guess everything is good in moderation and you really can have too much of any good thing!


  1. I like that, Betsy. I'm the same way. I guess the glass can be always half full!

  2. love that I am the exact same way on all accounts we just have to appreciate what we have at the time and enjoy life as it comes in every moment love this post!!! Looks like you are keeping busy and enjoying life you are the best!!! Summer gets so busy I get behind on my blog reading ! have a great week!! ttys

  3. What a great post Betsy. I can relate to every last bit of that!Weird, huh?

  4. Are we twins??
    I am the same way - I keep my hubby in a state of confusion. He never knows what mood I'm in.

    My first time here & I'll definitely be back.

  5. What a wonderful post Betsy!!! I think that is important for women to be balanced like this ;)!

  6. I can totally identify with this post!

  7. Oh my goodness Betsy every word of this is true!! I think it's a girl thing though, don't you?

  8. I was just telling Derek this same thing the other day about myself. I can love something old fashioned at one minute but be in love with something modern and chic the next! I can also relate to ALL the things you mentioned.

  9. I am the very same way! I wonder...could you be my long lost sister?

  10. Hi! This is a cute post! Your blog is precious too! :)

  11. Wow what an awesome post Betsy!! I can so completely relate!!

    You are a gem ~~ Have a GREAT week, Dawn

  12. You're not alone!!! I totally agree!!!
    I will miss you so much when we leave. I will definitely call if we need any help. I will keep blogging for sure. I will definitely keep reading yours. Your blog was the first blog I ever read!!! Lots of love and hugs from the DeLanges.

  13. Good post! I can so identify.

  14. Me too! Me too! You just described me to a tee! Great post!

  15. You are too friggin'-fraggin' adorable. I learned so much about you just from reading this! I think perhaps we're all that way.


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