Saturday, July 12, 2008

NPR and Game Night!

Steve is a big NPR fan and apparently he was driving my car last because when I got in the car today, NPR was on. So, I just kept listening and I heard two funny stories.

This was one (you might have a friend like this and can relate!)

A German woman called the police after a friend talked to her for 30 hours -- non-stop.

Ingrid Schuettler says she invited her friend over for a cup of tea and a chat, but once her friend got talking she wouldn't stop.

Schuettler says her friend talked through the night and the next day

Police say the woman made several unsuccessful attempts to get her friend to leave and that Schuettler felt she had no other solution than to call them.

Officers finally convinced her friend to leave.

Isn't that crazy?? That one actually made me laugh!

And then I heard this one too!

Rage at any age: Mobility scooter grannies exchange blows in supermarket clash

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 5:13 PM on 09th July 2008

Two elderly women on mobility scooters had to be dragged apart as they exchanged blows and rammed into each other in the aisle of an Iceland supermarket.

Staff at the store in Crawley, West Sussex, intervened when they heard them screaming.

A shelf-stacker, who was too frightened to be named, said: ‘They could have been seriously hurt - they were ramming each other like dodgems.

It was shocking. Seeing these two old ladies going for each other like that was truly disturbing.’

Police called to the scene were told that the women had been friends but fell out over money.

What on earth?? Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction! So it turned out to be pretty entertaining listening to NPR today! :)

Tonight my parents had a few couples over from our Sunday School class for Mexican food and to play games. It was alot of fun!

I brought a spicy cheese spread for an appetizer and I thought I would share the recipe. I'm the recipe queen lately! haha

Spicy Cheese Spread

2 8 oz. blocks extra sharp cheddar cheese
1 8 oz. block Monterrey Jack w/peppers
1 small can green chilis chopped
1 c. mayonnaise
2 tsp. worcestershire sauce
1 medium pablano pepper, minced
1/4 medium onion (vidalia if possible)

Shred the 3 blocks of cheese and then mix the other ingredients with the cheese using a hand mixer. Serve with crackers. Also good melted on an English muffin under the broiler!

PS--Ashley just called and was so excited. I think I mentioned that she is in St. Louis at a Chi-Omega Leadership Conference?? Well, tonight they had a banquet and recognized Women of Achievement that had been Chi-O's. And guess who they recognized? Beth Moore! She was a Chi-O at Texas State University I think.

Ashley said she got to stand right next to her and almost asked if she could get a picture with her, but then chickened out!! I told her if she sees her again...she's GOT to get a picture with her!! How cool!


  1. That is some crazy stuff!

    How ironic...I posted a salsa recipe today that I fixed for church "mexican" night at a friends house. We were discussing VBS, no games though. All work tonight, no play. (well, just a little) ha.

  2. Those 2 stories were crazy! The one with the mobility scooters might just as easily have been in South Florida. I was in the grocery store near West Palm one day when a woman LITERALLY ran me over with her cart as I was leaning into the freezer to get some ice cream! She hasn't acknowledged me or apologized to me yet! Unbelievable!
    I really got a funny "visual" from that story! I may need to start listening to NPR! (-:

  3. Ok, I'll ask... what's NPR? Sorry, I'm uncultured...

  4. When Derek was in Iraq, he was interviewed by NPR. One of my friends actually randomly heard the interview and called me right away. It was pretty neat. That recipe sounds so good. I'm definitely keeping that one to try soon. Oh my, I hope she gets a picture with Beth Moore. That would be amazing!

  5. Cute stories! And nothing beats game night!!! What are your favorite games?

  6. Those stories are crazy ~~ what in the world were two little old ladies thinking!!

    That recipe sounds delious!!

    And I was doing mental cartwheels(since I am far past the age to do real ones :) for Ashley being so close to BMoore!! So Great!!

  7. Those stories are hilarious!! The things people do sometimes just crack me up!

    There is nothing better than a good ole game night with family & friends!!!

    Please tell Ashley to get a cool!

  8. Beth Moore was a chi - o!!!!!! How fun is that! I would have HAD to have gotten my picture made!
    You know Chi O's started here in Arkansas! :-)


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