Friday, July 11, 2008

Lindy's Room

My kids were all coming and going today. Ashley flew to St. Louis this morning for a Chi-Omega leadership meeting. Meanwhile, Laura and Lindy drove all day back from Daytona where they were at church camp. They said they only got about two hours sleep last night from staying up talking with their friends all night. They were exhausted when they got home!

We finally got everything finished in Lindy's room...well, sort of. We got the furniture put together last night. Today you should have seen Steve and me squeezing the box springs into his Expedition and tying the mattress on top! We were sweating to death! (It's about 1000% humidity here lately!)

I also went to Target today to pick up a few little things and then ran by Steve's mom's house to pick up the pillows she was sweet enough to make. Then I cleaned everything up and put on the new comforter, fluffed the pillows, put light bulbs in the lamps and waited for her to come home.

She loved it!! She was so excited. Of course, we still need to add all the fun touches like pictures on the walls and some cute candles, etc. But I will show you what we've got so far.

Here is her room before, complete with the teenagy colors she wanted back in middle school and I let her have. ;)

And here are her new, sleeker colors and design!

I will show you more once she has a chance to finish putting everything up like she wants it. :)

I think I am "projected out" for a while! For the next week or so my plan is to just relax and enjoy summer!


  1. Wow Betsy, This is gorgeous!! You did a great job. I'm sure she is thrilled. I love the colors.

    Now go, get you some rest girl, you've earned it :)

  2. That looks so good. I bet she was very excited when she saw the difference. We are in the middle of redoing my daughter's room. We have the furniture already, but I haven't gotten the bedding ordered quite yet. Can't paint until I can match the duvet cover. I will fer sure post pics!!

    PS I really enjoy your blog!

  3. I want my room to look like that, you did a GREAT job Betsy!!

  4. You have really been busy! I love the colors! I can only imagine how excited Lindy must have been to walk in and see such a gorgeous transformation. You did a great job!
    Have a great and restful weekend. You deserve it!

  5. Wow, the room looks great. I love the new colors. Did you have to do a lot of priming over the green?

  6. I thought the before was cute but I LOVE the after!!!!!! I would love to live in that room!!!!

    I got the sweetest package in the mail yesterday! You are so thoughtful! I mailed you a thank you today but I wanted to tell you what a surprise it was to me and how much I LOVE the blanket. It couldn't be more perfect!

  7. Um, could you just please come to my house and re-do, well, everything! :-) You really have an eye and a gift! I have to say you have been WAY more productive than I have this summer! I am mucho impressed!!!! :-)

  8. Oh, Betsy, I LOVE her room! It looks FANTASTIC! If you weren't "projected out" I would definitely want to borrow you to help me! You definitely have a talent for it! I would have loved to have a room like that!

  9. Your daughter's room looks beautiful! YOu did such a great job!

    Enjoy your week!

  10. Love love love the new look. I've thought of buying that exact comforter set for my bedroom. It's so classic.

  11. oh my gosh I love it awesome work can you come to my house what a great mom you are!!! I want to be more like you you are amazing!!! This looks so good!!!!

  12. Can I hire you to help me with everything decorating when we move into our new house? This is so beautiful, so grown-up, so classy! I can't wait to see the finished product with all the "frills!"

  13. The room looks so cool!!! You are such a great mom do all that!! I wish my room looked that nice!


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