Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So, I got absolutely nothing done today! I had planned on painting all day and getting that finished, but Steve needed my help with the cars this morning, so that took up most of the day. (We are getting his car fixed and getting new tires on Laura and Lindy's car.) I tell you maintenance is practically a full time job around here! But we did get to go to lunch together, so that was fun!

This afternoon, I finally bit the bullet and went to a salon for a cut and color. For over two years now, I decided that I shouldn't waste the money to go to a salon to color my hair. I could just go to Wal-Mart and buy a bottle of color and do it myself. That way I was only spending $7 as opposed to $100! But gradually my hair started turning red!???? That is so weird because my hair has never been red in my entire life! Even though I used an ash brown color, which has no red tones in it, my hair would go back to a reddish tone! I started wondering if maybe my hair was just actually turning red as I got older or something?? But I didn't like it at all because it was just not me!

So, today I got my hair professionally colored and highlighted. And, oh happy day, it is back to it's normal color again!! You probably can't really tell in this picture, but believe me, it is! :)

Plus, the best part was she got my hair totally straight by just blow drying it! don't know how hard that is to do. My hair is extremely curly/frizzy and coarse. I feel like I'm taming a lion's mane everyday when I blowdry and straighten it. But she gave me some new products to try that she used today, so hopefully they will help my hair be healthier. It is so damaging to constantly put extreme heat on your hair!!

She gave me some Aveda Dry Remedy shampoo and conditioner to help with the damage from so much heat.

And she gave me Aveda Hang Straight for reducing frizz and curl while blow drying so hopefully I don't have to use the straightener as much!

After I left there, I ran to the grocery store and it was raining outside. Even in the rain, my hair stayed so smooth and straight!! That is a true miracle. My hair reacts to humidity by blowing up huge and getting totally frizzy! But not today!

It is definitely worth it to go back! I am a happy girl!


  1. Cute hair!

    I have coarse, wavy hair too, and the low humidity here helps me a ton...but I still use my CHI to straighten it. Do you use a CHI? Even when I lived in Arkansas, it seemed to help keep it straight in the humidity.

    I got my hair cut colored last week and I hate spending the money, but I love the result, so it's really worth it to me in the end.

  2. You look beautiful!!! She did a great job! Don't you just LOVE Aveda products??? I know I do!

  3. You look gorgeous! I love it! That is my one splurge -- to get my hair professionally done. I actually go tomorrow evening and I can't wait because I am overdue.
    I wouldn't know anything about having any curls --mine is straight as a stick!
    I'm glad you pampered yourself. It looks awesome!

  4. Goodness Gracious Betsy, I LOVE that hair girl!! Beautiful!!

    It just makes me feel pretty to get my hair done by a real hair girl :)

  5. Love the new do! At first glance I thought it was Ashley. My hair is totally wavy and gets as big as Texas when the humidity hits. Thank goodness for products and Chi's. You totally look classy and sassy!

  6. Your hair is so cute. We must be "kin" cuz I have naturally curly hair... and have spents no telling how much money on finding just the right products to keep frizz under control.

    I'm fortunate to have a hair stylist that has done my hair since the ninth grade... and she charges a fraction of what the salons do.

  7. Betsy,
    Greg just told me about your blog. I love it!! I just started one myself ( I would love to bend your ear about your site. Camp's going great. I can't believe your girls are going into their senior year! Also, your hair looks great!

    Talk to you soon,
    Rachelle King

  8. You are SO CUTE!! Your hair looks great! And...I, too, was EXTREMELY disappointed that DeAnna chose Jesse. Hello???? What are you THINKING???? Jason was so gorgeous and sweet and perfect! Glad you made it back safe from D.C!

  9. Hey girl! I am totally diggin' on the hair!! I can tell it's darker and more brown!! Funny that you posted about this because I recently decided coloring my hair at my hair place was too expensive and I would just use stuff from the store and do it myself... mine looks okay, but I saw a picture of myself a summer or two ago with it colored and highlighted professionally and thought... okay... there is a difference! lol.

  10. Sweet Betsy ~

    I absolutely LOVE your hair!!! I actually thought that you were a red head by nature...he he! The brown is so beautiful on you ;)!

    I am definitely going to have to try those Aveda Products!

  11. Betsy, I just found your blog right about the time you posted pics from Washington. I've never been there. It looked amazing.

    I have really, really, enjoyed reading. I added you to my blog roll. Your big family of "teenagers" looks precious. Girl, how do you do it, though. My oldest will be 18 in Oct and it's a challenge everyday.

    BTW - I was totally pulling for Jason on the Bachelorette, and was sooo dissapointed. I don't really know why I watch it's addicting.

    The hair looks great. I have natural curl and frizz. Have to check into those products if it withstood rain!! Fer Sure!

  12. Hi Betsy! Thanks for commenting today...I have actually been to your blog before and it's so cute! Quick note on Aveda....DON'T try their Rosemary Mint shampoo. It's AMAZING and smells like heaven and a botanical garden all swirled in one....too addicting!

  13. Hey Betsy~
    I found your blog from someone's blog (can't remember who) - they had hosted Shari Braendel. She came to our MOPS group several years ago and was terrific.

    Anway, I do love your blog. Your pictures are wonderful and I love how you are so close to your children. And your hair looks wonderful. I look forward to reading more.

    Nancy Drummond

  14. I can totally see why you are a happy girl. Your hair looks great! I started using the Aveda Hang Straight, too, and I LOVE it, but I do still have to use the flat iron, but it helps A LOT. I'm going to ask about that shampoo next time I'm at the salon. Thanks for the tip! I love the color, too!

  15. I LOVE the new do! You look so sassy in it! I love the length too! :))

  16. Your hair looks so cute!!! I always love getting my hair done at a salon. It is so relaxing to have someone else wash my hair and style it. Plus, it looks the best when I leave the place!!! I'm glad you like it!!


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