Thursday, July 17, 2008

God Of This City

Yesterday my girls and I went to lunch with my mom. As we were sitting there talking, she showed me a newspaper article that she had brought with her. It said that Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was going to be surprising a Charlotte family next week with a total home makeover!

I love that show and I just wanted to spread to the word to anyone in the Charlotte area, that if you're interested, they are surprising the family on the morning of July 28th and the makeover will be completed by August 5th. You can check this website if you'd like to participate as a volunteer:

They haven't announced who the family is because that is, of course, a big secret right now. But I have a friend named Joy McGuire who I would LOVE to see be chosen for this exciting opportunity. Let me just tell you why!

Joy runs a ministry here in Charlotte called With Love From Jesus out of her home. I want to promise you that she is probably the most giving person I think I've ever met. Her home is VERY small and needs ALOT of work, which she is not able to do because she really struggles financially. In addition to caring for a son with special needs and a husband who is very sick (all of which result in astronomical medical bills), this woman gives literally every ounce of her strength, time, and money to helping others in need.

She is just about to begin her yearly fall project where she donates school supplies, clothes, backpacks, etc. to needy families in our area. This project is HUGE. And she runs it all out of her house!! She spreads everything out in her yard and people just are able to come get what they need! Here is a link where you can read a little about what she does and donate if you are interested! Believe me, this is just a tiny part of what she does each and every day!!

So, anyway...I would love to see Joy chosen, but I know whatever family is chosen will have great needs and be so deserving of this blessing!

There is another fun thing going on in Charlotte this week called The Queen's Feast.

If you're not from Charlotte, our city was named after Queen Charlotte, so we're called the Queen City. This week, lots of the top restaurants here are offering an appetizer, entre, and dessert for only $30!! So...I'm thinking date night tonight at the Melting Pot!!

This morning on my walk, I was thinking about Charlotte and how much I love it and what a fun place it is to live. I know most people feel alot of pride and happiness when they think about their hometown...especially if you grew up there like I did!

But it also made me think about a song by Chris Tomlin called "God of this City". I don't know if you've heard it or not, but I really like it because it speaks to how I feel. I love my city and all it has to offer and just like anything or anybody you love, you want the best for it! I know there is so much work to be done here still for Christ and lots of heart that are hurting here (as in ALL cities...I was also thinking of the work Mark and his team are doing in Harmons, Jamaica right now!) So, I just wanted to share the song with you today!


  1. I "happened upon" your blog and wanted to say what a blessing it is to me (and also how beautiful it is). Chris Tomlin is one my most favorite and I especially loved the song "God of This City" which I had not heard before. I watched the video and claimed it for Asheville, NC also. I'm sure it's for a lot of other cities also. God bless you, Martha

  2. Betsy, this was a great post! I had no idea that Extreme Makeover was going to be in Charlotte. I am praying for your friend. She sounds like an awesome woman!

    Have fun with your husband at the Melting Pot! I had a friend go the other night, and she said you actually get 4 courses at the Melting Pot instead of the 3 that are advertised.

    Enjoy your week!

  3. I absolutely LOVE Extreme Makeover Home Edition! It always makes me cry!!! They visited TN a year or so ago and it was so amazing to know the family before and after they came! It sounds like your friend Joy definitely deserves this!!!!

    Have a great time at the Melting Pot tonight...YUMMY!

  4. Wow, that song is powerful! There's nothing like tearing up at 1:00 in the afternoon. Your friend Joy sounds amazing. Wouldn't it be wonderful if she were the one they picked for a make over!

    Have fun on your date night.

  5. that was awesome how true!! thanks for sharing!
    Love extreme makeover wish I had it on our tv! But it will be so fun for you guys to have them there for some very deserving family!1 hopefully it is your friend what a great lady!! There are so many great people willing to give so much of themselves while they to are suffering. What greater way to feel better then to serve others right!!
    Well have a great dinner sounds like a great festival and good prices!! ttys

  6. I have heard about Joy through Blanket Appalachia ministry...we have gone on several trips with them and get updates from the director and he has talked about her. That would be awesome if she were the one picked!

    Have fun on your date!

  7. I'll be staying posted to hear who the lucky MAKEOVER winner is. Joy sounds so deserving.

    I like how you love your city... just think what America would be like if EVERYONE took pride in their hometowns like that!

  8. What an awesome post, Betsy! I love Chris Tomlin, but I had not heard this song. I love it!

    Your friend, Joy, sounds so deserving of Extreme Makeover. Wouldn't it be awesome if she were the one that was picked?!?

    I hope you had fun on date night. I usually only get to go to The Melting Pot on very special occasions, so how nice that they are participating in the $30.00 meal deal.

  9. Your friend should definitely be considered. Isn't is ironic/humbling that those who have the least give the most? EM came to Hendersonville, TN last's about 40 minutes from where me, Meag and Megan live. It impacted the ENTIRE community, not just the one family. I hope that your favorite town enjoys it as much as Hendersonville did!

  10. Betsy, I love Chris Tomlin and this song. I hadn't seen the video ~~ so GREAT!!

    I also love Extreme Makover Home Edition ~~ get the tissues out ~~ I cry like practically every show!!!

    Bless You dear one ~~ Great post,

  11. How amazing would that be if Joy was actually the person chosen. That would be awesome! I loved reading about how you feel about Charlotte (plus I learned some things!). I know I would love Charlotte, too. LOVE that song!

  12. Your blog is great, Betsy! I've been praying for Joy too. She needs it so badly and she's so deserving. Be sure you send her your blog.
    I love Chris Tomlin's song. I think it should be the theme song for "Matthews Matters."


  13. Oh wouldn't that be so neat if you friend was chosen!! She sounds like a remarkable lady. I love the show but I don't get to see it much. I cry at the end of almost every episode though!!

  14. Betsy,

    Rodney said they were up at the church this morning with channel nine news. He thinks one of our church families is being considered, he mentioned a name but I don't want to speculate.

    Is with love for Jesus the one that is in Indian Trail? If so I know exactly who you are talking about and she is very deserving.

    Melissa E.


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