Saturday, July 26, 2008


It is a quiet Saturday here. It's been a little rainy and overcast, so it was a good day to do pretty much nothing. I did go grocery shopping at Super Wal-Mart this morning where I always save so much money! I came home and made BLT's for lunch, then took a nap! :)

We are in one of those times right now when you can feel lots of changes coming on. Sometimes life just seems to flow along with the "same old, same old" for a long time, then all of a sudden it's like the wind changes direction and you start getting tossed around a little bit.

One of the changes we have coming soon is Mark will be leaving in about 3 weeks. He couldn't be more excited about it! I know he is going to LOVE college. But it will be different around less chair at the dinner table, WAY less laundry, a bedroom just sitting there empty. I will miss his energy and his sense of humor. He is always so upbeat and fun! I will be sad when he's gone!

Today, Ashley is in Columbia moving out of the apartment she shared with her two best friends last year. She doesn't want to, but she was elected president of Chi-O, so she has to live in the sorority house this year. She was really sad because she had so much fun living with Robin and Rachel. Now it won't be the same!

I know when she's standing in that apartment after everything has been moved out, she is going to be so sad just remembering all the fun they had together. I hate closing the door for the last time and walking away from a place you loved!

I also got a call from my principal a few days ago. She has decided to move me to second grade! I have taught second grade before and I absolutely love it. It's probably my favorite grade to teach! But for the past two years, I have been teaching kindergarten. I had THE BEST team and we all got along so well and had the best time together. Plus I loved my assistant, Toni! We just had a chemistry together that worked. Not to mention, one of my best friends and neighbor, Candy, was right across the hall from me! My room was so big and open with big bright windows and it's own bathroom.

Now I'm going to be in a trailer! I know I will love it, but I will be sad to say goodbye to kindergarten!

Steve has had a lot of craziness going on at his office this week too. Lots of things are up in the air right now for him and he's not sure what will happen next. That's been on his mind alot this week.

And Laura and Lindy are about to start their very first jobs (other than babysitting). Laura has an interview this week at Chick-fil-A

and Lindy thinks she is getting a job at a little boutique for girls called Justice.

It is kind of like a Limited, Too. I think they will have fun working and making their own money!

So many changes ahead! I don't know about you, but I'm not a huge fan of change. :) I like things to stay the same. But I know that the only thing that never changes is change, right? You just have to adjust! And I'm thinking the next month or two is going to involve lots of adjustments for all of us!


  1. Betsy-I know you will adjust fine. I can completely understand...change isn't my favorite thing either. I would rather things stay the same always, but unfortunatley we aren't the ones in control. I have one more year, and my oldest will be moving on to college days as well.

    I will be thinking and praying that you have an easy transition.

  2. Change is a tough one for me, too.

    I love your kindergarten room!! Looks like a fun place to learn.

    I'm sure you'll do great with all the turns in the road ahead.

  3. Change...even good har, especially on women, I think. Especially when it involves our children and their growing up and leaving.

    But yours is a good change.....2nd grade will be fun. They can read!!! And go to the potty without assistance! Your K room was so cute and I bet your new room will be nice too. That's one of the things I miss about teaching: I loved to get my room all set up each year!

  4. Wow, you do have a lot going on. Change is hard for me, too. I never think it is until I go through it and then I complain about it. We're going through a lot here right now - some we know the end result and some we don't. Some changes are exciting and some are not, but we trust God to take care of all the details.

    You'll do great with 2nd grade. How exciting!

  5. Betsy,
    Change even good change can be really difficult. I know that college is just a few years away for my little one (okay he's a sophomore this year ~ I know not so little), and it already makes me sad. And he will be getting a job as soon as Cross Country season ends for this year, and I'm already sad. And he's driving in August, oh my goodness, change is in my future too. Maybe we'll have to hold each other's blog hands as we walk through this season :0)

    Have a GREAT Lord's day,

    P.S. Your Kindergarten room was so cute ~~ can't wait to see your 2nd grade room!!!

  6. Hey girl! I have the MOST respect for you for teaching the little ones! I teach 7th grade World Geography, assistant coach cheer, and up until this year I was the head dance coach (YAY - so glad to be rid of that one!) I had to move classrooms this year too, but not grades! I know it's a bunch of work packing up and setting up in a new spot! I'll be thinking about you as you move out to the trailor!

    FYI, your post made my mouth water when you mentioned BLT's! That's my favorite!!! Esspecially in the summer!

    I will pray for you and your family - lots of changes are hard and I know you'll miss Mark!!!

    Hang in there and enjoy your last bit of summer!!!!

  7. I don't like change either, Betsy! We will be going through our own when Evan graduates from his developmental pre-school in three weeks and we are off to kindergarten. I'm excited but anxious. I LOVE your little K room. It is so bright and cheerful. I wish you could be Evan's teacher. Oh, how I would LOVE that! I'm glad you get to go back to 2nd grade, a grade you love to teach. Those are some lucky little kiddos to have you as a teacher. I can't imagine the feeling when one of your children moves to college. I guess you have been there before with Ashley, but somehow I have a feeling that it never gets any easier. I remember getting my first job, so I know L & L must be so excited! I hope you enjoy every little bit of summer you have left. I have written a book, so I better go. Ha!

  8. Wow - you do have lots of changes coming your way. I'll be praying for you and your family as you go through these adjustments.

    If you need a live rising 2nd grader to "practice" on - I can set you up!

    I wonder if you'll have some of your former students in your new class?

  9. Oh, change is hard, but it's fun too! We have SO much in common!! I was a teacher, I grew up in Columbia and I am married to a guy named Steve! (Well, maybe you didn't grow up in Columbia, but you mentioned it so there's a little tie there:) I hope things go smoothly and I know that the Lord has a purpose in all of it! :)

  10. Hey- I can totally relate to lots of change. Just 2 weeks ago, I was living in NC, was a stay-at-home mom, went to Carmel, etc. Now, I live in MI, am trying to find a job, and am looking for a new church. Although change can be great, it sure is difficult when you're in the process.
    PS. Halle would love your daughters. She LOVES the Justice store and asks to go there on every shopping trip. She also LOVES Chik-fil-A. She could eat a chicken sandwich everyday and be satisified.

  11. Wow! You all do have a lot of change going on in your lives right now. I am praying for your family, and I hope this will be an easy transition for everyone!

  12. Bless your heart! I am sure all of the feelings you are having can be described as bittersweet ;)! On one hand you are excited and proud for your children and the roles they are taking on BUT there is also a sadness that follows that. I will pray for you that your transition is one of ease!

  13. I usually end up liking change but I'm always nervous at the beginning and even the unknown of change. Your family does have some major changed happening though! May you be encouraged though during this time!

    I think you will be a great teacher no matter what the age group. You have such an encouraging spirit. A trailer??? I'm anxious to see that.

    I loved the whitewater rafting. I have never ever done that. I have a little fear of water deeper than 4.5 feet so I'm not sure I could do it!! :)

  14. I taught 2nd grade before I had Ava, and I LOVED it too! My favorite grade to teach! I know you'll have a great year!


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