Thursday, June 5, 2008



I made these gifts for my room moms. I got the baskets at Target and filled them with cute summery paper plates and napkins, bright plastic cups, little fruity-drink umbrellas, packs of Kool-Aid, a happy little pinwheel, and a gift card to Ben and Jerry's.

*I finished the photo albums I made for my class.

*I started cleaning my room at school and sending home workbooks, journals, etc. It's really starting to feel like the end is in sight.

*I got roped into playing in a volleyball tournament at school tomorrow.

*I went to dinner at Cajun Yard Dog with Steve just like a Friday night. (I wish it was!)

*When Mark took the newspaper out of our paper box, several birds flew out and tried to attack him!

*It was 95 degrees!!!

Tonight I'm going to bed early! I haven't been doing too good a job in that area lately. Hope youhave a good night!


  1. So glad the end is in sight for you! Your baskets are adorable.

  2. The baskets are so cute - what a great idea!

    It's suppose to be 99 degrees here today. I cannot believe how hot it is already. It usually doesn't reach 99 here until August.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Those baskets are so cute and what a great idea! Everybody can use what you put in them. So thoughtful.

  4. Those baskets are ABSOLUTELY precious =)! You are such a thoughtful teacher and person =)!

  5. I love those baskets how cute are those! You are seriously the best most thoughtful teacher out there!Lucky students you had you go the extra mile and that counts for so much! I was room this year in Kolts class I got a thank you but that was fine she didn't use me much anyway! Well enjoy the heat and weekend we will once again have a raining cold weekend!! ttys

  6. Those baskets are TOO cute! Such a thoughtful gift idea. I know that you must be so glad that the end of the year is finally here! Hope you will finally get to bed EARLY and get some much-needed rest!

  7. The baskets are so cute! You look TOO young to have a twenty year old and teenagers!

  8. What an eventful day! I love those baskets you made. I'm going to have to remember that idea!

  9. Oh my those baskets are the cutest thing!! How thoughtful of you to do that. Great Idea!!


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