Friday, June 27, 2008


Today was Mark's freshman orientation at USC! He drove down yesterday with Ashley and took a Spanish placement test (which I am proud to say he placed out of Spanish 1!) Ashley is such a great sister.

She took him to a cool bookstore near campus and they got all kinds of Gamecocks stuff for his car.

Then she took him out to dinner with some of her friends and their little sisters who are also going to be freshman this year. You know he loved that! :)

This morning Steve and I got up really early and drove down to meet them for a whole day of parent and student meetings. Mark got all registered for his classes, took a tour around campus, found out which dorm he's in and got his student ID, etc.

It's always kind of awkward when you are meeting in small groups with a bunch of complete strangers and you are totally in a new environment. But by the end of the day, he was already exchanging phone numbers with new friends and laughing and talking.

He said that when he went into one of the meetings, they had a slide show going of all the fun pictures of football games and things to do around campus, etc.

They were playing James Taylor's "Carolina In My Mind". He said right then and there he KNEW he had made the right decision and that this was definitely the place for him!

I was so happy for him today. He is soooo pumped about getting to college and being on his own and making new friends and going to football games and learning new things. I just hope Steve and I can handle it well and not be too sad when he's gone. :( That is just the selfish part of me, but I will be happy if he's happy!


  1. Hi Betsy! I came over from Faith's blog. I love your blog and this post! It makes me (1) remember when I went off to college! and (2) think of when my son will be doing this and how I will handle it emotionally! (He's only three, so I have a little while but I know it goes FAST!)
    I love your blog- I'll be back often!

  2. It's always nerve racking and exciting to start a new chapter of your life.I'll be praying for you and Mark. Just today, Halle said something about her going off to college and it made me sad-even though I've got 12 more years before that happens!!!

  3. Bittersweet, isn't it? I still have 7 years before I'm in your shoes, but I know that time will fly.

  4. My oldest went off to college in the summer of 2005. (UofA RAZORBACKS!) It's an interesting and emotional time, but it has worked out well for us. I love how your relationship changes from mom/child to adult/adult. That's the best!

  5. I am so glad your son had such a great experience at orientation! It sounds like he is going to have a wonderful 4 years.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Oh Betsy! How bitter-sweet!!! You have such beautiful children. Going away to College is such a growing experience... I know you'll miss him, but I bet it will be great!

  7. How exciting I remember how happy I was to be out on my own I'm so excited for him!! Thats awesome what great kids you have!!

  8. Oh Betsy you must be so proud and sad!! My son is a Sophomore in HS, but I know that I'll blink and we'll be going to freshman orientation. How fun of his sis to show him the ropes!! It looks like a great place and I love the song :)

  9. Betsy! I tear up every time I read about Mark's adventures of graduating and getting ready for college! Isn't that something?! I guess moms can put themselves in another mom's shoes easily. I know that will be a hard step for me and will be here before I know it! It sounds like he is such a well rounded young man and that his parents definitely have him ready for this transition. Hooray for getting out of Spanish! Woo hoo! Does that mean he already has 3 hours credit to his name? He's already off to a fantastic start. That has to make your heart glad when he told you he "knew" he had picked the right university. And, I love that Ashley took him around and introduced him to some people. That is so sweet! Okay, I'm going now...this is the longest comment ever! Ha!

  10. Betsy,
    These are exciting times for your family! I know it must be assuring to hear Mark say that he "knows he made the right decision". And, what better set-up can you have than for your sister to introduce you to all of her freshman girlfriends! Ashley must be a great sister! I know it must be exciting to get all the USC "paraphernalia" for his car, too. It's official!--He's a Gamecock!

  11. BETSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i still remember orientation like it was yesterday! but it was like 9 years ago!!!! crazy!!! this is such an exciting time!!!!!! I am so glad that your daughter is such a sweet big sister to help him out and show him around!!!!!!! WHAT A BLESSING!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Are you having mixed feelings? It is a bittersweet time in life, but I know his college experience will be fabulous ;)!

    Has he picked a major yet?


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