Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Last Day of School!

Today was the last day of school! I am so excited that summer is FINALLY here!!! I was so sad to say goodbye to my class, though. What a group of sweeties they are. This was one of those rare years where every single child was a pleasure to teach. They had such good friendships together, too. I just loved teaching them!

After school today a couple of the moms hosted a sprinkler party for the class. That was so much fun. The kids had a ball playing in the kiddie pools, slip and slide, and sprinklers. Plus there was a creek behind their house and the kids were finding frogs EVERYWHERE!! They were squealing and having so much fun trying to catch them.

The parents got to hang out and visit. It was just a great time. It made it much easier to say goodbye to them. I hate hugging them as they get on the bus and watching the buses pull out. I always get a little teary eyed.

Then tonight I went to a shower for a friend of mine, Alise. We had it at a restaurant called 131 Main. The food was great and it was fun getting together with all the girls in our Bible Study and Sunday School class. She loved the little outfit I got her!

It was a good last day. Yay for summer!!!!!!!! :)


  1. Hi Betsy!
    What a great post! I loved the pics and the music! You did a great job! Very cute blog! :)
    Have a fun summer!

  2. I certainly hope you have plans to sleep in tomorrow!

    Congrats on finishing school! Welcome SUMMER!!!

  3. What a cute post! I love all the pictures and you must be an awesome teacher! It has definitely been good weather for a sprinkler party! You lost me with the frogs, though -- I HATE frogs! Sure you had fun at 131 Main. That's one of our family's favorite places to go! Love their Cajun Fish Sandwich! YUM!

  4. Those children made me smile. It seems the frogs may have been more entertainment than the sprinklers! I knew your fried would love that outfit. It is precious! Have a great first day of Summer!!!

  5. What a wonderful way to spend your last day of school ;)! I can only imagine how much Vance would have LOVED every minute of the sprinklers!!!!

  6. I know you are a wonderful teacher. I can sense your kind and loving spirit. I know you made a wonderful and lasting impact on the lives of your students!!!

  7. Fun post happy summer to you you are an awesome teacher so easy to tell how much you love it and your students!! Makes all the difference in those childrens lives to have a teacher who cares so deeply and loves them!!
    Fun baby shower cute little outfit!! ttys


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