Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just A Few Things...

Just a few things to share today:

1-I saw these today and thought they were so cute!

If you have little girls, you might enjoy checking out the Button Boutique online! I know my girls would have loved having these for their hair when they were little!

2-I LOVE the Pioneer Woman and I love salad in the summer. So....when I saw this recipe on her blog, I thought I would share the link here. It seems like it would have kind of a Thai flavor to it that I like so much. I am definitely trying this one soon!

3-I was totally impressed with Luke Russert, the son of Tim Russert, this week.

What a polished, poised, and well-spoken young man he is. I saw him interviewed on the Today show and thought to myself how proud his parents must be of him at the respect and honor he brings to his dad. This is the interview I saw:

4-You probably already know, but if not.....go visit THIS blog to see some wonderful, exciting news!!! So much happy news in the blog world lately! Laurie (who is Kelly's BFF) just had a little girl last week. I went to her blog today and she had a slide show with the sweetest song by Scott Krippayne called "You Have Been Good". I loved it so much, I added it to my playlist. I feel so blessed in my own life and thankful for God's goodness in the lives of so many others. Happiness!!!

5-And one last thing...I LOVE SUMMER! I'm probably going to drive everyone crazy saying that so much! haha Tonight we grilled some steaks then sat on the porch as a rain storm moved in. We had candles burning all around and Michael Buble on the stereo! Yep, that's a fun summer Saturday night!


  1. Betsy,
    I'm so glad you posted the videos of Luke Russert! What an inspiration he is. Wow! Oh, I love those little button hair clips. I think EG needs one of those! :)

  2. Looks like you had a blast on your vacation how fun!! I love those clips where are they from they are adorable!! Lauren would look so cute with those!!
    I am so HAPPY for your friend Kelly what an awesome time for her!! That would be a happy day! Glad mark made it back safe and sound too! Well keep having a great summer break! ttyl

  3. okay I see where they are from now duh I just need to follow the link sorry!! They are totally adorable!!

  4. Those button hair clips are too cute!!!!

  5. I'm glad everyone is back safe and sound from trips!! Sounds like everyone had a fun time.

    I'm glad you posted that video. I had not seen that. Luke Russert is a very poised young man. I have to confess, I had to stop the video when they started the slide show. It was very moving.

  6. I saw the same interview and was so taken by his poise, composure and kindness. What a difficult time to have to do an interview, and he chose to honor his dad in this way. Great!!
    Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.
    Have a GREAT week,

  7. BETSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have missed you and your family soooooo much!!!!!!!! I have always wanted to go to myrtle beach!!!!!! i love that Shag movie about m beach!!! your family is darling!!!!! of course I always say that!!!! love you!!!!!!!


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