Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I Heart Summer!

Today we got yearbooks at school. Do you know how cute it is to introduce kindergarteners to a yearbook? I showed them all the pictures of them that were in it and our class picture. They were soooo excited. Then we had a yearbook signing. I showed them on the board how to write nice things to each other like, "Have a good summer!" or "Good luck in first grade!". I told them about my favorite from back in the day:

You are:
2 sweet
2 be
4 gotten

I loved watching them writing so carefully in their kindergarten handwriting in each other's yearbooks, trying to remember what to say and who to swap with. Aaaahh....the first of many years of yearbook signings!

Tonight I went to my first book club with the girls in my Sunday School class. The girl that hosted made spaghetti and we brought salad and bread and dessert. It was alot of fun just talking and eating and hanging out. We decided on this book:

I have actually already read that book and LOVED it, so it works out to read that one since I won't be here for the next book club because we will be out of town.

Tonight on the way home, I rolled all the windows down and had the radio on and I decided that is close to the top of my list of things I love about summer (if not THE top.) Is that not the best thing in the world? So I started thinking about other things I love about my FAVORITE season, SUMMER!!

1-Lying by the pool

2-Fresh produce from the farmer's market...vine ripe tomatoes, corn on the cob, fresh peaches, a big pot of green beans, ice cold watermelon, squash.....Mmmmmm!!!

3-No school!!
4-Sitting on my porch with a cup of coffee in the morning before it gets hot


6-Grilling out with friends
7-Going to get ice cream

8-Flowers everywhere and fresh cut grass
9-Hearing kids playing outside after dinner
10-Sleeping late, being lazy, time to read...

Just to name a few!!!


  1. Oh, how precious is that about the yearbooks!!! I remember those days of signing everyone's!
    Love your summer favorites list...I love me some vine ripe tomatoes and fresh peaches too! Yum!!

  2. Fresh veggies, grilling, and setting out on my deck in the morning are some of my favorite things of summer too! This reminds me I need to hit up the farmers market for some okra!!

  3. I always loved it when we got our yearbooks. Such a fun time, and it's fun to look back at them now. I am with you. I LOVE Summer! It is my favorite season, too. I ditto your list, too. Those are also some of my favorites! I always get sad at the end of Summer.

  4. That is so sweet about you teaching your kids to write in each others yearbooks. I can still remember how much fun that day that we got yearbooks was! That was always one of the highlights of the whole year. Plus it also meant school was almost OVER!! My best friend from high school and I are still very close and last year when I was visiting her we got out yearbooks and read all those things that people wrote in her yearbook. Great memories! I am with you on the vine ripe tomatoes and, I had a craving for squash casserole last week and have already made my first one of the summer. My squash plants have squash on them that are about 1 1/2 inches long right now, so hopefully I will have plenty before too long! YUM!

  5. LYLAS ~ LOVE YOU LIKE A SISTER!!! I always enjoyed getting yearbooks, swapping, signing, etc. How precious that they are starting so young =)!

    Your summer sounds amazing!


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