Sunday, June 8, 2008


So...the heatwave continues. When we got in the car after church today, here is what the car thermometer read!!! (sorry it's such a bad picture!)

After church, we went to out to lunch for my nephew's birthday. We went to a BBQ place called Sticky Fingers. We had about 15 people in our party. When we opened up our silverware, Mark had a HUGE fork in his! We all wondered what in the world he had that big fork for, but we just ignored it at the time. Well, at the end of the meal, they told us that they have a little game at the restaurant and whatever table has the big fork gets the entire meal for FREE! So, our whole party of 15 people got a free meal! Once we heard that, we all ordered dessert! haha That was a nice surprise!

When I got home, I picked some gardenias off the bush in my front yard and put them in a little Mason jar on my counter. Oh my goodness, they smell like heaven! The entire room smells sooo good! Aren't those the best smelling flowers ever??

This afternoon, we had a churchwide picnic and outdoor baptism. We baptized over 40 people at a park near our church and just had a fun afternoon of fellowship. It was blazing hot, though. We were all sweating up a storm. Last year we had it in August and it was sweltering hot. So, this year, we moved it to June and then we had this heatwave. I was wishing I was getting baptized!

Here are a few pictures from today:

There were tons of people there!

Our sweet friends Wes and Katie

Ashley and Bailey

My crazy brother, Blake....yep, he's the one who is a pastor! haha

My sister-in-law, Britney and Bailey

My brother, Brent and Bailey

Laura digging into some watermelon

Little cutie patootie!

Steve, Blake, and me!

Hopefully it will cool down soon!


  1. I'm so sad I missed the picnic. We bought tickets and had everything packed and ready to go, but Halle ended up getting sick this afternoon! It's SO hot!! I probably wouldn't have had much fun dealing with two kids by myself in this heat anyways! That's so awesome that you got your meal for free!!! What a great way to celebrate the birthday!!

  2. I can't believe the high temperatures you guys are having!!! I saw a spot on the morning news!! I'm surprised your flowers didn't burn up. They do look beautiful though.

  3. WOW free meal Sunday for you ~~ how exciting!! While you are having a heatwave, we are having a rain wave!! We are like 13 inches above for the year (before our rain today) and there is more on the way. CRAZY weather!!

    Your picnic looks so fun!! Glad you had a GREAT day,

  4. Holy hot that is so so hot! I don't miss that and the humidity looks like you guys had a great day! You always have so much fun with your cute family!

  5. A meal for 15 people free???? WOW!!!!
    I thought it was hot here but my goodness......ya'll must be dying!
    Your church just sounds so wonderful! It reminds me a lot of my church. I know you are so glad to be a part of it!

  6. I love "big fork" kind of surprises! They are the best! Your flowers look so beautiful and so "Southern Living" in the Mason jar. Those are the best smelling flowers ever! Amen on the baptisms. That is awesome. It is going to be a very HOT summer I'm afraid!

  7. It's been hot here too!! The flowers are beautiful. The picnic looks like a lot of fun.


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