Friday, June 13, 2008

Graduation Day

Today was Mark's graduation day!

That is one of those events that always seems like it is off in the future somewhere, but then it finally arrives and they walk across that stage and they are no longer high school students anymore!!

His graduation was at 8:30 this morning and it was at Cricket Arena which is about 40 minutes away...almost downtown, so we had to leave at 7:15 this morning to get there. I was having about 30 people over for lunch afterwards, so we got up REALLY early! Yesterday I took the day off (even though school is out, we still had workdays) and got ready all day. Steve was sweet enough to hire some ladies to come clean my house for me so I could cook and run errands. That was a HUGE help!

Everything went great. Mark has 442 in his graduating class, which is not as many as Ashley had, so it went pretty quickly. We had lots of family there and we all screamed and yelled when Mark walked across the stage!

Right after graduation...

I ordered tons of BBQ and cole slaw for lunch and I made some potato salad, caesar salad, pasta salad, corn salad, blueberry banana pie, and "monster" cookies. Steve's mom brought baked beans and my friend Candy brought a cranberry jello salad. My mom pitched in with banana pudding. I also had a huge cooler full of drinks. So...needless to say we ate like pigs. We made a slide show of all Mark's pictures growing up and showed that. And he got so many very nice gifts! He is blessed to have so many people who love and support him!!

My life has seemed like a marathon of back to back events for the past several weeks, so I can't believe it is finally really over. Mark and Ashley are both taking a nap right now and Steve, Laura, and Lindy are all visiting with family. The house is quiet and I feel like I've jumped the last hurdle for a while. :) I'm so happy that everything went well and I wasn't sad. I am excited for Mark and the next step he's about to take in his life. I love him so much, but he's ready to fly!


  1. How do you do it Betsy? How do you make it ALL look so easy? YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!

    I am so happy for Mark and this new time in his life =)! I can only imagine how much you are going to miss him but I am sure he will visit often.

    Just a few more years and you will have a quiet house! What are you & Steve going to do?

  2. Seroiusly you are so busy!! Congrats to mark! What a fun time on to bigger and better right! That is a huge graduating class compared to about 79-100 on average here each year!! So are you guys going to slow down and go have some summer fun hope so sounds like you deserve it!!! ttys

  3. I'm so glad your day went well. I know you are so proud of Mark!

    I know that when your children were the ages of mine that graduation probably seemed far off. I bet you'd be the first to tell me that it passes SO quickly.

    I hope you can enjoy some downtime this weekend. If anyone deserves it you do. You've been extremely busy. :)

  4. Congratulations Mark! It looks like you had such a wonderful time celebrating. You guys are such a good looking family!

  5. Congratulations, Mark!!! Sounds like you had a great celebration at your house afterwards and that's my kind of eating! What a handsome family!

  6. Betsy,
    How exciting!! It looks like you had a very exciting, busy time. Hopefully the remainder of your summer is full of relaxation and rest.


  7. What a great mom you are, Betsy. I can tell that by your "ready to fly" statement. Wow! That gave me chills. I'm so glad the party went well. I know he will cherish the memories you helped create by all your hard work on the preparations. You sure do have a pretty family! What a lucky guy Mark is. I didn't get something as nice as a laptop when I graduated!!! :) And, kudos to Steve for the cleaning ladies. Now, that is a great husband!


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