Monday, June 9, 2008


Just a few cute things today:
1-One of the sweet little girls in my class cut off 12 inches of her hair this weekend for Locks of Love! I think that is such a wonderful thing to do to help cancer patients who have lost their hair! She is beautiful and looks precious with her new cute haircut!

This is her before. You can't really tell, but she had very long hair!

And this was her hair today!

When she got to school, she was so excited to show everybody her hair. Then a bunny hopped right outside our window, so all the kids ran over to see it. This is her with her arm around her friend. You can see how sweet she is! That is just cute!

2-My assistant got this gift today from one of her former students that is in 5th grade and is graduating tomorrow. It is a beaded bracelet that she made. Each bead stands for something special about her years at our school. She made one for every teacher and assistant she had while she was in elementary school. She typed up a description of what each bead meant and it's significance to go along with the bracelet. Isn't that a cute and thoughtful idea?

3-I'm going to a baby shower tomorrow night for a friend of mine. She is having a little boy. I went shopping for her gift today and saw this at Target. It was so cute I had to take a picture of it right there in the store! I can't wait to see a sweet, chubby little boy in it!

So there's your daily dose of cuteness! :) Have a great night!


  1. Cuteness indeed! That little girl looks so sweet and what a testament to her parents of her donating her hair. That warms my heart! I love the baby outfit. Very, very cute!

  2. Way too cute ~~ just too cute!! My mom has had cancer twice, and so as someone who has dealt with cancer personally I love this. What a wonderful, sensitive child.

    What a cute outfit!! My husband's son is having a baby boy in July ~~ WooHoo we are soooo excited!! I may have to check out the Target baby section!!

  3. This is just one more reason why I hope to be able to teach someday!!!

    It is so amazing that such a young girl thought to donate her hair to someone in need!


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