Monday, June 23, 2008


I've been thinking alot about balance today. There are so many areas in my life where I have to work to strike a balance. Probably the one that is at the forefront of my mind is my constant juggling of teaching and being a mom. Over the past few days I have been able to do SO MUCH!! I have literally done probably 15-20 loads of laundry over the past two or three days. That includes washing sheets, blankets, and bath mats.

I have reorganized the refridgerator, vacuumed the house, sent movies back to Netflix that have been sitting around for weeks, comparison shopped both at Walmart and my neighborhood grocery store-Harris Teeter (that way I got the best deals and the most for my money!), and had time for personal Bible study, etc, etc, etc... Plus I have had time to read and catch up with a few friends that I never get to talk to.

I began to think yesterday about how much work it is just to be a mom and keep all the balls in the air doing that job and still have time for meaningful things like spending quality time with Steve, reading my Bible and prayer, and excercise. It made me feel guilty that I haven't been able to do as good a job as I would have liked in all the areas that are important to me. I started wondering if maybe I was spreading myself too thin...should I keep teaching school?

So I had all this tumbling around in my brain as I was getting ready for bed last night. Then I switched on my computer and checked my e-mail. I had received two e-mails from moms of kids that were in my class this year. The e-mails were so sweet. They went on and on about what a great year their child had in my class and how much I meant to them, etc. Well, of course that melted my heart right away and any of those doubts I had about teaching disappeared. I started thinking about how sweet my class was and how much fun I have teaching and what a great team I have to work with, etc. I love being a teacher and I love being a mom and I want to be excellent at both things!! It really is work trying to strike a balance there.

Ok--an update on the salad I told you I was going to try yesterday. I made it tonight and it was a huge hit! Everyone really liked it. I grilled some chicken to go with it and that was it. Just FYI-the recipe makes a HUGE amount!!!! You need a reaaaaalllllyyy big bowl to mix it up in and then invite the neighbors to share it with you! Plus, be careful when you are cutting up the jalepenos. I got two burns on my fingers that are still burning as I type! I have been putting aloe on them all night!

And just a few FUN things today...

This afternoon, my girls and Ashley's boyfriend, John went swimming. While they were there, a thunderstorm came up so they came back home and made some cookies and cracked out this game:

If you are looking for a fun and challenging game you should try it! It's stretches my brain, but if you play with other fun or creative people, you will get a good laugh out of it!

I am also really getting into this show lately...have you ever seen it?

I love Jeopardy and this show is similar, but it has regular people on it. The cab driver picks up random people who need a ride somewhere. Once they get in the car, they realize they are on this game show. He asks them various trivia questions for money and they see how much they can win before they arrive at their destination. It's fun!

And, I know this show is all reruns now, but I LOVE King Of Queens!! I was watching it today and I think Kevin James is just so funny. That show always makes me laugh out loud!

Have a good night!


  1. As a mom, you kinda know the teachers that still care. They are a blessing! If you love it, you will make a difference in their lives.

    LOVE Cash Cab!

  2. I just discovered your blog through someone else's link recently...and I just felt the need to comment today. I am preparing to start my first year of teaching this fall, and I am continually coming back to the question of balance. Will I be able to balance being a good wife with being a good teacher? I read through some of your archives, and I have to say that I felt encouraged by your blog...and by the balance you seem to have between your family and teaching. I only hope I can do as well. Thanks so much for sharing :)

  3. Ahh yes findng the balance. That is a hard one for me as well, and I don't even work outside of the home. But being a wife, mom, daughter, sister, gardener, Bible study teacher, friend, head cook, etc. seems to take up a lot of time :) God and I have been having discussions about this time management issue. Thank you for sharing, it helps to know there's others who deal with this as well.

  4. My husband LOVES Cash Cab! Also, we are big fans of games and Balderdash is one of our favorites!
    I know that you are a wonderful mother as well as teacher! You are making a difference!

  5. You are never allowed to think that you are not doing a good job at anything! You are an amazing wife, mother, teacher, and friend!!!!

    I will definitely try that salad sometime!!!!

  6. I LOVE your new blog look. So cute! I know what you mean about balance. I wonder if I will ever feel like I am balancing things like I should. Maybe that just comes with the "mom territory"??? I have to admit when I hear a mom like you, one that I think seems like she has it all together, say you worry about balance in your own life, it makes me feel better! I just think you are amazing! King of Queens is one of mine and Derek's all time favorite shows. That and Everybody Loves Raymond. They both make us laugh out loud! I've never seen Cash Cab. It sounds interesting and fun. Oh, and thank you so much for your sweet comment about Evan. It meant the world to me!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have seen you around on a lot of other blogs! I have so much to say, but I'll try to be brief. First, I ADORE your blog design. Very cute. Second, I love Cash Cab. It makes me a little nervous, though. And, finally, I am with you about balance. I am an attorney and often work some crazy hours. I find balance really difficult. My personal time, including exercise, always goes first! It is so hard!

  8. There is not a doubt in my mind you are a great woman, mother, and teacher!!! God gave you confirmation through those parents!! You are special!!

    I love your new blog look!!!


  10. oh the balance thing! betsy you are speaking to me today and I am not a wife or mother! Thank you for sharing this because we are all in the middle of a really crazy balancing act! I pray that God just continues to work our schedules for His glory! love you friend

  11. Scott and I always say that we swear someone came in our house and bugged it to make "King of Queens" - except my dad doesn't live in our basement. Kevin James reminds me so much of Scott.


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