Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

What a beautiful day it was today!! Thank you God for Saturdays! It was busy but restful at the same time. Here's my rundown of the day:

*Spent the morning addressing Mark's graduation invitations. Somehow I didn't order enough, so I'm going to have to figure out what to do about that on Monday.

*Went to a Widow's Luncheon at church. They always do a wonderful job of making these women feel loved. It was good food, good entertainment, and good fellowship.

Here is our delicious lunch and dessert.

Steve with his two adopted widows, Mrs. Sherman (on the right) and Mrs. Tuttle (on the left).

Every week one of the deacons is called on to read scripture during the service. Last week was Steve's turn. He said when he got up to read, he could see Mrs. Sherman sitting about six rows back just waving her heart out at him. He said he wished he could have waved back! That made him smile. :)

*Watched the kids wash their cars. Steve was happy about that!! They were having the best time with the radio on and friends over. That always makes it more fun.

*Mark's car finally bit the dust this week. He has been driving our old Ford Expedition and it has been giving him lots of trouble, not to mention how much MONEY it costs to fill up that gigantic tank!!!!!! It was time to downsize. Steve picked up a newer and smaller car for Mark today. He was so happy!

Tonight he's taking his girlfriend out to a Japanese restaurant for dinner. She hasn't seen it yet, so he was excited about driving her around tonight!

*Steve went to dinner and to see Iron Man tonight with a bunch of his buddies. Total guys night--you couldn't pay me to see that movie! So, it was girls night once again for the rest of us. We decided to go to Greg's Barbeque. It's a little Greek restaurant that serves home cooking. I got chicken tips over rice, fried okra, and collard greens. Good stuff.

I'm thinking I'm going to put my pajamas on now and catch up on reading a stack of magazines that has been waiting for me!!

PS-My brother, Blake, played along with the 6 Random Things tag from a few days ago. His blog made me laugh!


  1. Don't you just love Saturdays??

  2. What a fabulous Saturday!!! Your town has such interesting restaurants...they all sound delicious!!!!


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