Thursday, May 22, 2008


I really can't even find the words to express how very sad I am to learn about the tragedy in the life of Steven Curtis Chapman. I'm sure everyone knows by now that his 5 year old daughter was killed yesterday when his son accidentally ran over her in the family's driveway. Oh my goodness, there is nothing sadder in this whole world than losing a child. And it is complicated by the fact that another one of your children is going through such grief and guilt. I don't know how you even get through something like that other than with God's love and a strength that only He can give.

I remember when Steven Curtis Chapman was asked to play at the memorial service for the students who died in Paducah, KY, his hometown. He was able to encourage and strengthen those grieving families. Now it is his turn to be on the receiving end of the love and prayers of his extended Christian family.

When I went to his website today, this video was on it and it just broke my heart. It is Steven with his little girl, Maria. So, so sad!! Praying for God to be close to this family today.



  1. I am so saddened by this news. It is heart breaking...for the family and especially that young man. It was an accident, but he will carry this the rest of his life. I'm so sad.

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  3. oh my gosh that is so so tragic, and heartbreaking. I had a friend who's son was run over by his grandpa in there driveway he was only 2 it was so sad.
    Our prayers are with them too. Hope your doing okay too. ttys

  4. I can't even wrap my mind around it. Oh, that God would overflow them with comfort and peace. I am just heartbroken for them.

  5. Catching up on your most recent posts this evening Betsy.

    It's so sad about Steven Curtis Chapman, I will remember their family in prayer too. :(

    Yes, how about that David Cook, I was thrilled for him, I really liked David A. too, they were both so good, I wanted both of them to win, great show wasn't it?


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