Monday, May 26, 2008

Remembering Their Sacrifice

A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.
Bob Dylan

Just thinking today about the men and women who have paid a heavy price for what we have. There is a song by Tim McGraw that always brings tears to my eyes. It's pretty easy for us to take for granted the lives that have been lost for the freedoms and security we have. But this song makes me realize that for every loss, there is a family...a wife, a mother, a father, a friend, whose world will never be the same because of the sacrifice that was made. The song is called, "If You're Reading This."

I have a friend who was probably the first friend I can remember. Her dad and my dad went to seminary together, so we met when we were tiny little girls. Our dads were on staff together at Two Rivers Baptist Church in Nashville, TN. Her name is Betsy, too! We have been friends forever! Her son, Caleb, is serving in Iraq right now.

Could I ask you take just a minute to remember him in prayer? I remember when he was about to leave, she came through town and spent the night with me and we went to dinner together. I asked her how in the world she would be able to let him go? How would your heart not be overcome with fear and worry? How could she stand there as he boarded a plane not knowing if she might ever see him again? She told me that she knew Caleb was in God's hands. God could take him any time He chose to. It could be here or it could be in Iraq. She had peace about it. That was such a testimony to me.

Caleb is coming home in January. God has kept him safe thus far. If you are looking for a soldier to encourage this Memorial Day, you could visit his blog and leave him a note telling him that even though you don't know him, you are praying for him.

Just remembering men like this today...


  1. Betsy, Thank you so much for sharing this song. I've never heard it before ~~ WOW ~~ how poignant and beautiful on this Memorial day.

    Thanks again for sharing,

  2. Thank you for this post. I prayed for Caleb and left him a note on his blog. What a wonderful young man!

  3. Thank you Betsy for such a wonderful post. I have left a comment for Caleb and I hope to visit his blog again to see how he is doing.

    May you be blessed today for encouraging others!!

  4. I love that song!! Love tim magraw too!! What a great post hope you had a great day!!


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