Sunday, May 18, 2008

Uncomfortable Shoes

I am always looking for comfortable shoes since I am on my feet all day every day. So, when my mom sent this to me I couldn't believe it! These shoes are apparently the new fashion in Japan. Can you imagine?

How about this???!!! These are the feet of a Japanese woman who was once a geisha girl. Bless her heart!

I'm thankful for my comfy shoes...even the "uncomfortable" ones are better than this!


  1. Ouch. I think I'll pass on fashionable shoes!

  2. Ouch. I just came across your blog while doing my nightly research for my shoe blog ( My mom sent me this viral email too and I could NOT believe it. Makes my bunions hurt just to look at those pix!

  3. Yucky!! My boss had shown me those pictures before!! Completely crazy!!

  4. i can't believe i just looked at that. that is soooooooo crazy, i feel like i can't stop staring at it

  5. wicked shoes holy!! and those poor poor feet!!!


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