Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Favorite Room

One of my very favorite blogging friends is Kelly.

She is a preacher's daughter just like me and is such a sweet and fun girl! I read her blog every day and LOVE it! Anyway, she had a fun idea for everyone to post pictures of their favorite room in their house, so I decided to join the party! :)

It was a hard decision whether to choose my den or my porch. But you've probably already seen my porch, so I decided to go with my den. This is where we spend the majority of our time together because it opens into our kitchen, so it's really just one big room. We have had so many fun times together in this room with just our family hanging out and with friends and neighbors over! The thing I love most about it is how much light it gets from all the windows!

We have built in bookshelves and, as you can see, I am a picture freak. I have pictures EVERYWHERE in my house. I love having reminders of the people I love all around me.

Sorry about the glare on the picture frame, but here is the couch. On any given day you can usually find a teenager here with TV remote in hand or taking a nap!

The view from the den into the kitchen. You can see a shoe on the floor. Usually there are multiple pairs lying around!
My goal for a house is that it is comfortable and welcoming. I know I'm not a decorating expert by any means, but we love it anyway!

Tonight I made a really easy meal that we like alot...stir fry! Since I already had my camera out taking pictures of the house, I decided to pretend I am the Pioneer Woman and take pictures of my dinner before and after. haha

Here are the things you need: fresh veggies of any kind- (I used celery, onion, peppers, mushrooms and broccoli), chicken, Kikkoman stir fry sauce, and LaChoy chow mein noodles for a topping.

You stir fry all the veggies...add the broccoli at the last minute so it stays nice and crunchy. Pour the sauce in and cook a few minutes more. Then spoon over rice and add the crunchy noodles on top! Yum Yum!


  1. Oh my - that kind of scared me seeing my picture up there at the top! ha!
    I love your living room - it is so inviting!!! It looks like a great room to hang out in!
    And yum - that stir fry looks sooo good!

  2. Your house looks so friendly! The stir fry looks dee-lish too!

  3. I love your favorite room! I love a lot of light coming in, too. I would so love those windows! I am going to have to try that stir fry. Looks delish!

  4. I love the room so nice and inviting, love all the pictures too I'm the same way. The meal looks so good too!
    Your almost done school for the summer !! What were some of your favorite teacher gifts for end of the year we have a week left here and I need to do something for kolts teacher!! Well have fun! Your friend kelly is so cute and her blog looks like alot of fun!

  5. I'm so jealous of the windows in your family room! I love natural light! Anyway, it's a very pretty room and I can totally see why ya'll (did you catch that I used the word ya'll??) love hanging out there.

    Stir-fry is one of my favorite summer meals, but I've never tried Kikkoman stir-fry sauce. I must find that next time the stir-fry mood strikes, which would be about now!

    By the way, my family totally loves the pasta dish I got from you, the one with chicken, broccoli, and the parma rosa sauce. I finally found parma rosa sauce at one little grocery store and bought 4 packages to have on hand! So yummy.

  6. I love your room and your house! We DEFINITELY share the same philosophy...cozy, warm, welcoming...a place to call HOME!

    That stir fry looks so good =)!

  7. ooooooooooooooooo i love your living room!!!!!! just love it and it is so comfy!!!!!!!!! have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Wow your den is cool ~~ Love all the light!! MMMMMM stir fry sounds good ~~ haven't had that in a while!!
    Have a GREAT weekend,


  9. I really like this room! It looks so welcoming and comfortable. And my, that dinner looks delicious!
    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  10. Well hi there, Betsy! Thanks for stopping by my blog however you got there...I'm glad you did! I wish I could listen to my dad every morning. I can't figure out how to listen on line yet and, though I live in NC, its too far to pick up his station.

    I noticed on your profile that you have twin girls, as do I. Mine are a bit younger: 4 and a half. I can't imagine them as teenagers. I'm trying to treasure the days, as I know they are numbered with them being small.

    Hope to see you again!

  11. Betsy,

    Thank you for coming over to my new blog from my daughter, Faith's blog. I am brand new to this whole adventure, but I think that I am really going to enjoy it!

    I love the pictures of your den! Your house looks so warm and inviting!

    And the stirfry looks yummy! Thanks for sharing!


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