Friday, May 9, 2008

Home For The Summer

Ashley came home today for the summer! Yay! We love having her home. By the time I got home, Steve had already taken her to lunch at a Thai restaurant then she had gone to my brother's house this afternoon to watch my neice Bailey!

When she got back we got to sit on the porch and talk and catch up a little bit while Steve threw the ball with Rocky. That dog has BOUNDLESS energy!!!

Everybody was going their separate ways tonight. Mark, Laura, and Lindy all had their own plans, so Steve and I took John and Ashley out for pizza at Wolfman Pizza. The night was beautiful so we sat outside.

Then we went across the steet to The Promenade which is a little shopping area with restaurants and fountains and stores. There's a Starbucks, Cold Stone, Wolfgang Puck, etc... On weekends, they have a live band and everyone brings their lawn chairs and quilts and drinks and ice cream and just sits outside like a giant block party. People bring their dogs and babies. The kids get to run around and dance and the adults get to talk and relax and listen to some good music. It's really fun. We met Laura and Lindy and their friend Ashley up there for a little while.

We stayed about an hour then came home and lit our tikki torches and sat on the deck talking politics. Steve is always up for that! It was a relaxing way to end a busy week. I HEART Fridays!!


  1. Rocky is ADORABLE! What a cutie! Welcome home Ashley, you look just like your beautiful mother! Enjoy your summer!
    Happy Mother's Day Betsy!

  2. Hi,
    I found your blog thru the Hutchings. I just had to comment on your Jack Russell...Gorgeous. We had to put ours to sleep in April. I'm still sad!


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