Monday, May 26, 2008


I think Flickr is the coolest website! I went there the other day and was just having so much fun looking at all the pictures. People are so creative and so good with photography! I'm amazed at the talent in this world. Anyway...I saw so many pictures of cute kids, I just had to share a few! These are totally random, but they just made me smile.

On another note, our Memorial Day was wonderful. Nothing was on the agenda...just the way I like it!! We planted flowers, hung out on the porch, grilled out, played with Rocky. Laura and Lindy got home and told us all about the fun they had white water rafting in the mountains. (They got SO sunburned, though!) I wrote thank yous and wrapped up little flowers for all my WONDERFUL parent volunteers who have helped me so much this year! Got a little cleaning done and called it a day. Here are some images from the day.

Flowers for my volunteers

Do we have the craziest dog in the world or what??? He loves water and goes CRAZY when the hose comes on. Look how high he jumps trying to bite the water!!

Dinner was BBQ chicken on the grill!

Sparklers!! :)

Monday came and went too fast!! But it's back to reality now. Hope you have a good week!


  1. I LOVE photography. Those are cute pics of your girls. I'm glad you had a good Monday. Your moms will love those flowers!

  2. i have not heard of flickr so i will check it out!!!! oh that chicken picture is calling my name and it is only 9.49 in the am!!!!!!!!!! you girls are just the cutest!!!!!!

  3. What a wonderful holiday! I think it looks really neat to have sparklers on Memorial Day. What fun and wonderful memories.

  4. what a fun day I love days like that laid back get alot done fun days!! Love flickr! Love photography but cute pics !! ttys


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