Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Feels Like Friday

Well, the good news is it felt like Friday today. The bad news is it WASN'T Friday!! First of all, it is Teacher Appreciation Week, so I wanted to show you what I received on "Flower Day". Each child brought me some flowers. Aren't these beautiful?? I couldn't even fit them all in the vase!

Tonight Steve was having his Bible Study on our porch. Mark, as usual, had plans of his own! So Laura and Lindy and I decided to go get dinner. As we were driving over there, I asked them if they had any homework. They didn't. So, we decided to go to a movie after dinner! I don't think I've ever gone to a movie on a weeknight.

First we went to Panera Bread and ate outside on this gorgeous day. I just love their sandwiches, soups, and salads!! So good! Then, since we had a little time to kill before the movie, we stopped by one of our favorite stores, Hand Picked. I bought a cute new purse there. It just so happens that L & L's sweet friend, Melissa, works there and she was working tonight, so she helped us.

From there it was on to Barnes and Noble for a while then we saw Made of Honor.

It was cute. There were some parts I could have done without. But overall I liked it. As we were walking out of the theatre, we all had the feeling like it was Friday night & we could sleep late tomorrow. Then we had the reality check that it's only Tuesday night! Oh well, it was a fun night and kind of broke the week up a little bit.

Fun times!


  1. I WISH it were Friday instead of Tuesday!

    Your flowers are lovely. I hope you get some other fun goodies this week too!

  2. What a fun night!! You make me want to spend more time with my mom :) We have had food every day this week for teacher appreciation, very nice!

  3. What a FUN night!!!!!

    There is nothing like a little dinner & a movie to make your week a little brighter!

  4. Oh I love the new purse. It is always a happy day when you get a new purse.

    It sounds like you had a great night. I miss my mom being in town. We used to do random stuff at night.

  5. ok no fair....teacher week here means nothing. i can't believe you got flowers!!!!! they love you soooooo much!!!!!! fun fun,,,,,i love hanging out with my mom.

    ps......love you hair in the picture with the purse

  6. I wish it was friday too!! But sounds like a fun night you guys do alot together I want to be a mom like that! Cute new purse too! Have a great rest of the week what a great idea to have teacher appreciation week!! You students are lucky to have a great teacher who cares so much !! ttyl


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