Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Brain Buzz

Last night I woke up at about 2:30 in the morning and couldn't go back to sleep! Uugh! I hate when that happens. I call it "Brain Buzz"...when your mind is just racing with everything you have to do. I should have just gotten up and written down a "to-do" list. For Pete's sake...I was planning menus in my head and wondering where I had put things I needed and thinking about how I could organize things better and planning what I was going to wear this week, etc, etc, etc.... I even went to bed early so I would be sure to get plenty of sleep. But then I lost about an hour with too much thinking!!

I wasn't tired today, though, so that was good! But let me tell was raining SO HARD today when the bell rang at the end of the day. I have never seen it raining so hard when it was time to go home before.

We tried to bundle the kids up in ponchos and hoodies the best we could, but I just knew I was going to be dripping wet after I walked everyone to their buses (and I was wearing these cute little dressy sandals. I was planning on just taking them off!) BUT, lucky me, they decided that since it was raining so hard, we would just take everyone to the gym and the buses would pull up right to the door and the kids could get on. It was definitely much drier that way!!

It got cold all of a sudden today once that rain came through. I came home and made pork chops and gravy, rice, collard greens, field peas, and baked apples. It was almost like fall! :)

It's weird that American Idol is over! I guess maybe I can make Tuesday night a catch up on reading night. I love to do that anyway!


  1. I am so happy you did not have to get your cute sandals wet!!!! I hate it when it rains and my feet get wet, much worse when my new shoes get wet! Is that picture of the kids on the bus from today? That is such a great picture!

  2. I'm sorry it rained especially with the potential of ruining some perfectly great shoes! :) But, the picture of the rain was a neat shot!

    When can I come for dinner? That sounds fabulous.

  3. Thank goodness you did not have to get drenched!!!!

    I have a new show for you to get hooked on! It is called So You Think You Can Dance! I PROMISE that you will LOVE it!!! It will be on Fox tonight at 7pm. It is my favorite show...mainly b/c I danced all growing up!

    Thank You for the encouraging words!!!!

  4. It did rain hard didn't it? We need it though.
    That dinner sounds delish!

  5. Holy rain eh!! Those poor kids would be drenched!! I'm so sad AI is over too I love lost too but I missed it tonight it was on early and I didn't know I'm so sad now thats over till next season oh well guess I'll have to find something else to watch eh!! Have a great day!!


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