Thursday, May 15, 2008

6 Random Things

A new blogging friend, Faith, had a fun tag today, so I decided to play along! It was to list 6 random things about yourself. So here goes!

1-I love history!

I was driving in the car today and a really old song came on called "Abraham, Martin, and John". Some of you may know the song and some may not. It's a song from back in the '60's (when I was just a little girl )about Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and John Kennedy and how they all died too young.

It reminded me of how even though I was just a little girl, I was drawn to the world events around me and to history. I loved that song so much, I named my 3 kittens after it! One of the kittens was a girl, though, so my kittens were Abraham, MARTHA, and John. Haha.

In elementary school, I loved reading biographies and read every one in our Young Americans series in the library. I still love biographies and have read Truman and John Adams recently. They are both by David McCullough and I really enjoyed them.

I can remember tons of facts about the presidents, too. Just yesterday, one of my kids said, "Was there ever a president that wasn't married?" Well, yes there was! James Buchanan! How do I know that?? I have no idea. I just remember it! When I was little, I even named one of my dolls Caroline after John Kennedy's daughter!

And several of my very favorite movies are ones that take place in a past era. I love Places In The Heart which is set in the 1930's and Forrest Gump which you know takes you from the 1950's-1980's.

2-I am addicted to Mentholatum. I have to put it on every night before I go to bed, every morning when I get up, and many times in between!! Vaseline or chapstick won't do. I've got to have that cool feeling on my lips! It's crazy!

3-Growing up I was probably the biggest Donny Osmond fan in the universe! Seriously! I think I owned every Tiger Beat magazine, every album, every poster. I was a member of his fan club and wrote letters to him regularly. I went to my first Osmond concert when I was 8 years old and the girl sitting next to me was pulling her hair out in chunks! During the concert, Donny took his purple scarf off and wiped his sweaty face with it, then threw it out into the audience. The spotlight was on all the hands that reached up to grab it and ripped it to shreds. Oh, how I wished I had a piece of that scarf!!! What's funny is that he was only about 15 at the time. Now I still appreciate his morals, but think he can be a little goofy sometimes!

4-I have to sleep with a fan on. Complete silence makes me crazy! Steve and I both take a fan with us even on trips! I love that hum! In college, I got my roommate addicted to it too.

5-I love to get new clothes, but I don't like to shop. If I go to the mall, I usually have something in mind that I'm looking for and I am on a mission! I go straight to the store I want, buy the item, then leave. I don't mind browsing around if I don't have anything to buy for myself.

6-I am severely directionally challenged! I don't know what's wrong with my brain, but I can't find my way out of a box. I always turn the wrong way and get so disoriented when I'm trying to find my way somewhere. I wish I had a GPS attached to my body!


  1. Hi Betsy! I just stumbled on your blog. I love it! Your children are beautiful - what a full life you have!

  2. I love memes. Such a fun way to learn more about my blog friends!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog tonight and for your prayers. I took a nice long bath, and I'm already feeling better.

  3. oh my gosh like half of yours sound JUST LIKE ME!!!!!!! crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean a lot of them!!!!!! OH YOU ARE SO FUN!!!!!

    have a good weekend. When is the big graduation?

  4. fun! thanks for the new info :) Are you getting excited about the end of the year? lots of things going on!! Have a great Friday!

  5. How fun that you are going to be in DC on 7/4!!!!! We are staying in Baltimore and riding the train into DC. It was a lot cheaper.

    My husband would agree with #4 (the fan). He loves to have the fan on. His favorite is the box fan because it reminds him of his "younger" days at his Grandmas.

  6. These are great! You were making me laugh with #6 and being directionally challenged! So glad you played along!


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