Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Just A Normal Wednesday!

So today was just a normal Wednesday!! Here are some things that I did today:

*Taught 21 kindergarteners
*Attended a staff meeting
*Went with Laura and Lindy to pick up their altered prom dresses
*Cleaned my bedroom and put away laundry
*Loaded and ran the dishwasher
*Went to dinner with Laura and Lindy at Salsa's
*Bought a cute blouse at Limited
*Sent some e-mails
*Got an estimate for someone to clean my house
*Watched Laura and Lindy make a cookie cake for one of their best friend's birthdays!

So, you see, it has been business as usual around here. Now I'm getting ready to put on my pajamas, read a little, and watch American Idol! I thought David Archuleta and David Cook did great last night, as always. And even Syesha did well I thought!! Poor Brooke!! I felt so bad for her. I think I'm ready to see Jason Castro go!


  1. Again, you are like a superwoman!!!! I am so thankful that Brooke did not get the boot.

  2. kindergarten...i don't know how you do it, but I'm thankful you do!

  3. Betsy--

    Your energy is amazing. I volunteer in my daughter's kindergarten class every few weeks and after 1.5 hours, I'm maxed!

    Do you teach kindergarten full-day or half-day? It's optional for us. My son did full-day (in Arkansas) but my girls have both done half-day. I prefer half-day because I get to spend time with them in the afternoon!


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