Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Poetry and Joy

Ashley called me last night and was filling me in on one of her friends growing up, Brooke Decker. She and Brooke went to school together. They hung out and spent the night a few times. Brooke lived in the neighborhood my mom lives in...right around the corner. Well, Brooke left Charlotte and moved to New York. She became a model for American Eagle and then a model for Sports Illustrated. We just heard this week that she is engaged to Andy Roddick! Wow! That is one "I knew her when..." story!

On a totally different note, since it is spring, we have been doing lots of springtime activities at school.

My class wrote a spring poem this week. It went like this:

Spring Is Here!

I see_______________________
I feel_______________________
I smell_____________________
I taste______________________
I hear_______________________

They did a really good job on it. I decided to try my own today!

Spring Is Here!

I see wisteria, (it is EVERYWHERE I look right it!)

and cherry blossoms! (Possibly the prettiest tree ever!)

I feel the breeze blowing! (I especially love it with my sun roof and my car windows open.)

I smell freshly cut grass ( of my favorite smells!)

and rain! (another favorite!)

I taste strawberries. (And they are getting sooo good right now! I'm thinking some strawberry shortcake is not too far in my future!)

I hear kids playing outside my window--just having fun on a spring afternoon. (What a wonderful sound!)

Speaking of kids, I got a really cute e-mail from a good friend today that had a little girl singing the Lord's Prayer. You cannot watch this without smiling and thanking God for the joy that kids bring to the world. I just wanted to share this...

The Lord's Prayer


Hope you have a great night!


  1. I just came across your blog. I have 8 month old twins--Lanie and Lindy!!! Funny!

  2. oh i wish i lived in Charlotte....with the beautiful trees and flowers. Small world with the andy story. that is crazy!!!!!

  3. I love spring! Especially with all the flowers blooming and everything so green. I like the rain too :) Isn't it soothing? It's raining here too!

  4. I saw on yahoo about that girl marrying Andy Roddick. That's funny that you know her. I love spring too!!!


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