Monday, April 14, 2008

Life In The Fast Lane

Life was completely in fast forward today. I was very scattered this morning, though I had tried to put everything in place before I left on spring break so things would go smoothly on my first day back. Oh well, the best laid plans....

First of all, 5:30 came WAYYYY too early today. Oh my goodness, was it hard to get up!! Then, I couldn't find the key to my room or my nametag when I got to school, so that was NOT a good start to the day. I was very stressed out because we need those keys in case of a lockdown! Not to mention that I was trying to get into my classroom a little early and get everything set before the kids started coming in.

But it all turned out okay. I found the nametag & key at the last minute and when the kids did start coming in, they had THE cutest stories to tell about their trips to Disney World, losing teeth, getting new shoes, etc. They always make me smile and brighten my day!

One precious little girl in my class had been telling me all week last week that on spring break she was going to the garbage dump?????

She said it over and over all week long and even wrote about it in her journal! She said her dad was having a contest to see who could find his lost keys first and she was also planning on looking for her lost Arielle earrings. What the heck???

Finally, I e-mailed her dad and asked him what Joanna meant when she said she was going to the garbage dump??? He said that was their secret code word for a surprise trip to Disney World!!!

Since Joanna could spell now, they had to use code words when they didn't want her to know what they were talking about. Creative, huh? The funny thing was that she was just as excited about going to the garbage dump as she would have been if she knew she was going to Disney World!! She brought in her adorable pictures from her trip today and shared them with the class and we all got a good laugh out of the big surprise!

But, wow---this day was non-stop!! I guess getting back to school and getting everything jump started again is just hectic!! I literally did not sit down all day.

I got a call today from Business Week Magazine.

They wanted to come over and do a photo shoot with me. That is so funny!! I can't believe whatever I said the other day in that interview was interesting enough to put in a magazine! But apparently it was. A guy named Armando came over and spent about an hour photographing me! I will let you know when the interview comes out. haha!!

Laura and Lindy are taking an SAT prep course right now.

They have been working really hard to prepare as much as possible so that they can get the best scores they can. They took a practice SAT right before they left on spring break. Then we met with the tutors and teachers to see how they did. I hope this will help them when they take the SAT!! Colleges are so competative nowdays!

Hope you have had a good Monday!


  1. Your Spring break and vacation looked so relaxing, but full of activity...also!

    Now it's back to reality, hugh. Welcome back home Betsy and I agree there's nothing like seeing your front door after a trip away from home sweet home---

  2. Nothing like getting back into the grind of! I love the idea of using "secret words" around the creative!


    i love the story about the girl and code names!!!!! what a surprise for her!!!! oh that was just wonderful!

    back to school....booooo....but just a few more weeks and then summer!!!!! glad you guys made it back safe!!!!!

  4. Hey Betsy, Lesa Sass here! Its been a long time. Any who I spoke to Steve today and he told me about your blog and I thought I would share with you that I have joined the program of Alcoholic Anonymous. I came to the realization on Sept 13, 2007 that I had a problem. It has been one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I have a renewed relationship with God that I have not had in years and every day he shows me that by doing the right thing, good things come back to me.

    I would love to share my story with you but feel uncomfortable sharing such personal information on a public blog. I will send you an email if you are interested.

    Glad things are going so good for you guys, man, Mark looks like his daddy huh? Your girls are getting so big and as beautiful as their momma.

    Have a great day!


  5. That is so funny about the code word and garbage !To funny. And congrats on the magazine that is so awesome good for you!!


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