Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Florida-Day 3

Today we headed to the beach. We got a cute little dune buggy type cooler that rolls over sand and packed it full of drinks, sandwiches, chips, m & m's. We loaded up on sun screen, reading material, a portable radio, chairs, an umbrella, a football, towels, and a huge quilt. Then we were ready to roll! Steve thinks it is an act of Congress to get this family out the door and to the beach! haha We went to Jupiter Beach and staked out our place in the sand and spread out for the afternoon. You cannot believe how big those waves were today. There was no way we could have swam today, but we had lots of fun taking walks, throwing football, and lying in the sun.

Here are some of our fun moments from the day!

Tonight Mike took us to a restaurant we had never been to before called Yard House.

The food was delicious & we had a lot of fun hanging out together.

I think the sun finally got to us today. We stayed outside for so long and played. Now we are all tired! Luckily, we can go to bed when we want to and sleep as late as we want!!! Happiness!

I hate that I missed American Idol tonight, but I have it TiVo'd at home. When I turned on the tv it was going off and everyone was singing "Shout To The Lord"!!??? That was interesting! I bet the show was awesome! If you saw it, what did you think?


  1. i'm glad to hear there was sunscreen involved :)

  2. I love your green outfit! I'm jealous you are at the beach and I'm not! :-)
    I DVR'd AI last night - Haven't watched that. I'm very curious about "shout to the lord".


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