Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Early To Bed, Early To Rise (I wish!)

It was another extremely busy day today and I am sleepy, so I am trying to make this quick. I want my motto to be, "Early to bed, early to rise..." haha! I've got the early to rise part down. Now I just need to work on getting to bed earlier so I can be more rested during the day!!

Tomorrow is kindergarten's day to host Wonderful Wednesday at school. That is where we bring snacks and food for the whole staff to enjoy. We do it once a month and each grade level hosts once during the year. We are going with a springy garden theme tomorrow and doing all salads. My job was to bring some flowers to put on the tables and to bring a couple of salads.

I got these little gerber daisies at Wal-Mart and just tied them up with a bow.

I made a green Ceasar salad and a pasta salad. The pasta salad I made was so quick and easy. If you ever need a quick recipe, here is a good one.

Pasta Salad

Boil 16 oz of linguine and drain. Throw in any kind of veggies you like: broccoli, mushrooms, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc... Pour in Italian dressing to taste and add 1/2-1 whole bottle of Salad Supreme(you can find it where the spices are in the grocery store) and toss. There you have it!

I also had a meeting after school, then ran my errands, came home and made homemade lasagna, salad, and bread. Then I finished up the night making the other salads for tomorrow. Whew! I'm tired!!

Have a great night! :)


  1. You are like Superwoman! The daisies are absolutely beautiful!

  2. Those flowers are too cute! Very springy :)

  3. Those flowers look great! You are so cute!


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