Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April 1st

It's April Fool's Day! Did you fool anyone today? My class put a whoopie cushion in my chair today when I wasn't looking. I saw it when I started to sit down, but acted like I didn't. I sat on it and it made the LOUDEST sound you've ever heard. Thier eyes got so big and giggles just erupted. It was so adorable! They loved playing a trick on me!! :)

Today was kind of a long day. We had a meeting after school and then I stayed late doing some work. I was also taking dinner to some friends who have just gotten a foster baby, so I needed something quick and easy to fix for my family. If you ever need something quick, try this: Get a rotisserie chicken & pull it apart, steam a little broccoli, and boil some rotinni pasta. Then get a packet or two of Knorr's Parma Rosa sauce. Mix it all together & you've got dinner!

My bloggy friend, Sophia, also posted a really good recipe for salad that I fix with it. This recipe is sooo easy.

Easy Caesar Salad

Chop a head of romaine lettuce really fine-almost like confetti or slaw
Add lots of sunflower seeds and freshly grated parmesan cheese. Toss with a little Creamy Caesar dressing (not too much!) and top with croutons.

Then I add some Italian bread, too.

The friends I took dinner to just got a 4 1/2 month old baby boy. They don't know how long they get to keep him, but they are providing him with a loving and stable home at the moment. It's not easy! They both have full time jobs and have never had a baby before! Now they've got the middle of the night feedings, baths and bottles, diaper changes and the whole works. They are sacrificial givers. This is not about what they might get...it's about what they can GIVE. I love knowing people like that!
PS-American Idol Update:

I am not a huge fan of Kristy Lee Cook, but I do love the song she sang tonight, The Coat of Many Colors. What a sweet song! I really like Dolly Parton. She is so cute, has a great personality, and is a very talented song writer. I love how many of her songs tell a story! (My kids think she sounds like a lamb when she sings.) haha

And I thought David Archuleta was awesome tonight. The song he sang was just beautiful. I love his voice and I loved the words of the song, too!

Here it is in case you missed it:

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  1. You are such a wonderful teacher!!!! That dinner sounds super easy and super yummy. As far as American Idol goes, my two favorties are still Brook White & David Cook. They just make me smile =)!


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