Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

One Wednesday a month we have something at school called "Wonderful Wednesday". That is where each grade level takes a turn to host snacks of some kind for all the teachers. Usually there is a theme relating to whatever month or season it is. So today was Wonderful Wednesday with a St. Patrick's Day/Dr. Suess' Birthday theme. Did you know that Dr. Suess' real name was Theodor Geisel and he was born on March 2, 1904? Just a little trivia for you! Well, we ate like pigs all day today! We even had green (deviled) eggs and ham! :) I told you we are spoiled rotten at our school!

Ashley drove back from West Palm Beach, Florida today where she spent the first part of her Spring Break. She is going to be home until Sunday. Yayy! We always have so much fun when she is home!

Mark is thrilled because he got tickets to the ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) tournament for tomorrow. I am letting him skip school to go. He's a senior and a complete basketball fanatic. The ACC tournament only comes around once a year. It's worth it!

My mom invited us over for dinner tonight since Steve is out of town. She is always so sweet to think of me when I really need it. Laura and Lindy were out with friends and Mark was at the Y, so it was just Ashley and me and my mom. My dad was preaching at prayer meeting. The three of us had a nice visit together. She made a healthy version of red beans and rice and it was delicious! We have a little bit of Cajun blood since my dad went to New Orleans Baptist Seminary and I was born in Baton Rouge! She even gave us some left overs so I can take some for lunch tomorrow! Yummy!

I'm sorry, but I was kind of hoping to see Kristy Lee Cook go tonight on American Idol.

I'm not a fan of hearing Beatles songs (and every other song) sung with a HUGE twang! No thank you.


  1. When I taught elementary, we had a whole Dr. Seuss week! It was so much fun. Then on Friday, we all dressed like a character. One year, my partner and I dressed as thing 1 and thing 2! blue hair and all :) the food looks good!! We are having a luncheon today, i'm excited!!

  2. ok so my school never has luncheons like that!!!! i am so jealous that your school takes such good care of ya'll. The food looks great!!!!!!!!


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