Thursday, March 27, 2008

Simple Pleasures

"That man is richest whose pleasures are cheapest."-Henry David Thoreau

I'm thinking about simple pleasures today.

*One of the best was this afternoon, sitting on my porch enjoying the absolutely beautiful afternoon. Here is the view from my chair:

*It was planning day at school today. That means all of the kindergarten teachers get together for the whole day and plan and discuss and socialize a little bit (we have THE BEST team!) while a volunteer teaches our class! We even get to go out to lunch together. How much fun is that? Fun with friends AND getting your lesson plans finished!

*Fajitas for dinner. MMMmmmm! They are easy and pretty healthy and they are a crowd pleaser at my house. No arguments there!

*Finding these adorable children's books at school today. I can't wait to read them to my class!

*My favorite time of night--after the kitchen is cleaned up and I prop up the pillows on my bed and watch my TiVo'd shows. I watch The View every night--usually just the Hot Topics unless there is a guest I really want to see. My favorite co-host is Elisabeth....thank goodness there is someone who stands up for what I believe in. But I enjoy the discussion and banter on that show.

*Reading a good book and falling asleep! I'm almost done with the book I'm reading now. I would love any suggestions for a good book you would recommend! I'm going to Florida in about 10 days and I need a new one.

Hope you enjoyed some simple pleasures today


  1. Loving the view from your porch, and I like your porch too by the way. ;)

    Yes simple pleasures, that's me, I spent the day at a very close friend's house today and enjoyed her garden (in full bloom).

    I've been working on a red purse for her (that's her favorite color) and I presented that to her today. I'm featuring photo's of her and her red purse and garden tomorrow on my'll have to pop in and meet her Betsy. She's like a second mother to me, a mentor and a prayer partner.

    How fun...since I'm not working at the moment, I've been watching the "View" too, in the mornings. I appreciate Elizabeth's views, I love it when she stands up for God, our country, etc... So glad Rosie is off...geesh she was hard to take. Whoppie seems to be doing a good job of leading the Hot Topics, I don't always agree with her point of veiw, but at least she respects the others and allows them to talk. Interesting show, eh?

    I need to find that soft drink, I love anything with a cranberry in it, thanks for the tip.

  2. What a relaxing view! I love your patio furniture. Aren't days where you can just hang out with your team and get some work done the best? It's definitely the simple things in life that make it the most meaningful :) Have a great Friday!!

  3. I love your patio!!!!! it is beautiful!!! i love ending the evening reading in bed...what a way to just relax. Finished a book last night. I hate when they are over!!!! have a wonderful weekend!!!

  4. I absolutely love your porch Betsy! I am so glad you had a fabulous day of simple pleasures. Did you watch the UNC game?

  5. OH I LOVE YOUR PORCH!!!! I would sit there all the time!
    Yeay for planning day!

  6. I love the view of your back porch love it! I would be there all the time!! love the cute nail polish too!! ttyl


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