Sunday, March 30, 2008

Shrimp, Grits, and Prom Dresses

I love weekends! I am always so in need of them when they arrive. Last night Steve and I went to one of our favorite little local restaurants, Cajun Yard Dog (that means alligator in Cajun!) It has the best food and live music on weekend nights. It's just a tiny little place with a laid back vibe....which I am totally into after my busy, hectic week! Last night I got shrimp and grits. You know how much we love our grits here in the south. And I LOVE shrimp. If you are not from around here, this may sound a little crazy, but believe me, it is delicious!! I love the shrimp and grits I get when I'm in Charleston, SC, but the cajun version is just as yummy.

Here is a good recipe for the Low Country (Charleston) version of shrimp and grits if you ever want to try it! You won't be disappointed, I promise!

I was impressed with how much I got done today. :) Our dog, Rocky, was up all night last night with an upset stomach. That was fun...NOT!! So I slept in a little late, but once I was up, I got moving. Lindy spent the night with a friend, so Laura and I got Starbucks and went to Target. I bought a little Dirt Devil hand vac & am in love with that thing!! I used to have one, but it died. So I'm back in business now. I got laundry done, cooked lunch, swept and vacuumed, then headed off to Laura and Lindy's softball game. It was FREEZING!!!! What happened to spring all of a sudden?

After the game, we took the rest of the afternoon to shop for prom dresses. Girl time! It was fun, and the best part is I got some jeans at Banana Republic, too! We had to take some pictures, of course.

Two of their favorites!

Now we are enjoying some pizza and watching Carolina beat Louisville! So far, so good! Did you know that I am tied for second place in my little school wide competition??? About 50 people participated...teachers, their husbands, etc. Who knew I would be so lucky? That is just funny!

One last little thing. I am loving
this stationery!!

If you have time, you should browse through all the cute stuff they have! I am always needing little note cards at school and these are perfect.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

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    you are killing me with the shrimp and grits pics. that looks so good and since i just had cheese and carrots for lunch......i am really wishing I lived by you!!!!!!


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