Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Michael Buble

I am really excited--tonight Steve and I got tickets to see Michael Buble!

He is one of my favorites. Right now I have two of his CD's in my car and they are played often! I love all kinds of music, really (except rap & hard rock--not a fan). But his smooth, jazzy style is just so relaxing to me. I love it! We are going downtown for dinner, which is always fun, and then to the concert. I am looking forward to just hanging out since we haven't really gotten to catch up since over a week ago!

We only have a few more days until we get a long weekend for Easter. This time of year is really busy and expensive! It is prom season, so dresses are being bought...along with shoes and jewelry. Then there are Easter dresses, several family birthdays coming up, and my girls want new bathing suits to take to Florida. They definitely have to help pay for all these items, but it is still alot! Cha-ching!! If any of you have teenage girls, how much do you allocate for prom expenses? I told them I would help with the dress and shoes, but they have to pay for the hair, nails, jewelry, and limo. Wow--prom is almost like a wedding these days!

I did something today at school that I have never done before...I filled out the brackets for the NCAA tournament and entered a little school-wide contest. Haha! That is going to make Steve laugh considering I am not very sports-literate. But I chose the teams I recognized and, of course, my ACC teams. I have Carolina vs. UCLA as the final two teams.

We'll see--wish me luck!


  1. You are such a great mom Betsy! I really admire that you help your teenagers but also keep them responsible for certain expenses. I HOPE I AM LIKE THAT! I hope you & Steve have a great time tonight!!! Also, congrats on the bracket. My husband and I are huge sports fans and of course we adore March Madness.

  2. OH PROM - I bet it is fun picking out dresses with your girls! They will look beautiful!
    Have fun at Michael Buble - he is GREAT!
    I'm a March madness freak (so weird) so I'm glad you are doing a bracket!!!

  3. I think he is wonderful!!!!! tell us all about it,. his voice is beautiful!!!!!


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