Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's The Little Things

The sun is back and shining so bright and pretty today! Such a drastic change from yesterday. That really made me happy, but there were some other cool things that made me happy today!

1. First of all, look what welcomed us this morning in the teacher's lounge:

Our PTA is awesome. They hosted a Spring Breakfast for us this morning and this is just a tiny part of it. There were three more tables just like this full of fruits, casseroles, muffins, bagels, pastries, Starbucks coffee, oj, etc, etc, etc...
They spoil us rotten!

2. Blueberries were on sale, two for one. Yay! They're always so expensive! But since they are supposed to be so good for you, I try to eat them as much as possible.

3. I found a $25 gift certificate in my trunk (how did it get there??) for one of my favorite jewelry stores that I got last year (that's 2006) for Christmas. But it never expires! Lucky me!

4. I found out how great Magic Eraser works on my sink. I have used this completely amazing little sponge for scuff marks on my walls at home and for getting permanent marker off my tables at school. But I had never tried it on my sink and I have the hardest time getting that porcelain sink clean. Well, this is the ticket!

5. Laura and Lindy cooked dinner tonight! Gotta love that!

Hope you had a good day, too!


  1. I found your blog through Caroline's.... Man, our PTA didn't do anything for us on TAKS day! Don't you love the eraser?? It's my best friend! Yay for the girls cooking dinner!!

  2. That food looks good and I would love to find a gift certificate! Free shopping! Yeay!

  3. Hi Betsy,
    I found your blog and love it.
    I used to teach kindergarten (for 17 yrs.) too. Aren't they funny?
    I used to come home with a funny story for my family every day.
    I wrote so many down because I never wanted to forget them.
    I also love Paula Deen. I copied the recipe of the banana split pizza. Yum! I make a fruit pizza with sugar cookie dough...the slice & bake kind and then mix cream cheese and marshmallow cream together and add kiwi, strawberries & banana. It's really good too.
    I'll be checking back in soon.


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